Saturday, May 23, 2009

LAX Grand Opening

Mango skinny jeans, topshop bow tank, forever21 shoes, H&M beret, renegadelovers (self made) blue studded clutch

I had absolutely no plans of going out.. but after finding out Samantha Ronson was going to be playing at the LAX opening, I had to check it out. She is tiny in person and quite attractive actually.. the club was full of ladies, behaving like groupies, it was quite the sight. Her music is mostly mashup, which is quite new to the scene here, but I liked it a lot. She later complained to Paula and I, as the three of us were in the bathroom washing our hands, about people mostly staring and not dancing as much. I think people were just starstruck and must have just forgotten how to move.. lame, I know.

My friends and I were dancing though, and my girl Max even removed her crazy red heels, at an attempt to make maneuvering around the club a tad easier. Ordering a drink was quite difficult with everyone pushing and shoving to try and catch the bartenders attention.. and getting your change was exceptionally hard given there was not much change at hand.

Somehow we made it home just as the sun was rising.. how do I always manage to do that? I swear I don't even remember what I was doing for the 6 hours I was out. Lets just say today I suffer the consequences, and came to the conclusion that I must be getting old.. because I don't remember hangovers being this bad when I was 18..

Did you crazy kids have a crazy night out this weekend?


, dane

PS: Life just was not the same without my bangs. xxxx


merve said...

wow you met samantha ronson :D
and made a picture with heerrr..
awww i'm getting jealous ;P
but hey, you looked gorgeous like always, dear ;)

Ms Constantine said...

You met Samantha Ronson! Awesome.
Your bangs look lovely, so cute.

I am so jealous of your bag. I've just been lamenting over my lack of a quilted bag. And I love studs. So boo! Hurry up and make some more :p

Bambola said...

Woah what an awesome night out!! Sounds like you had an awesome time, despite the drinks & change.

Can't believe you got to speak to Sam Ronson! That is way too cool.

&& those red shoes! So hot.

How is the 'staying on the island and doing your own thing' going? Finding lots to make & create?

Mads said...

Sounds like a fun night!! Was Lilo there?=P love your quilted clutch those studs are a nice addition..=)


Eden said...

you definitely look like youre enjoying your vacay D, and doing it beautifully! oooh.. sam ronson.. despite being with La lohan, she is still pretty cool! heart your clutch and your outfit and your friend's bodycon dress.:)

much love


Mode Junkie said...

ahh.. you met her? and partied with her? i am a bit jealous. lol your self made bag is amazing dane!

Allie said...

I loooooooooove that clutch! And looks like you had a super fun time.


Krystal said...


Couture Carrie said...

So fun!
You all look fabulous!
Loving that bustier dress!


P.S. Maybe VS will get more stock of the sailboat bikini??

Dane said...

Ms Constantine - what color do you want? I can work on one for you, let me know.

Bambola - Im in the city right now far away from my sewing machine, but I should be back home next week, ready to come up with more stuff hopefully!

Mads - No, Lindsay was not there haha. =)

Carrie - I sure hope they do! I still want it.. keep me posted!

geisharock said...

Looks like you had an AMAZING weekend. so jealous and can't wait for summer to start ahhh. GIRL YOU LOOK SO STUNNING IN YOUR BANGS. seriously!!! xoxo

Karencilla said...

wow!! samantha ronson haha!
love your bangs girl.

Amelia said...

That looks so fun! I love your hat.

amanda said...

you look gorgeous! i love that last shot, & those shoes.. mmm. hee :) that is so cool that you met sam ronson, i think she's totally cute.

no crazy nights out for me, i am laaaazy & generally prefer staying in with my girls anyway :) but i did go see pink, which was pretty incredible! she's adorable. (& hot!)

Wanderlusting said...

Hot f-ing dress! Hot F-ing shoes - I know it's your friends and they probably hurt but soooo sweet!

yves said...

hi dane!
i see you really look good in that BLACK DRESS.
i have a piece tht's similar.
(check out the banner image at my multiply site:

I might as well give it you! ;)
really fits you well!

heart ur red shoes

breathe fashion

May Kasahara said...

I'm kind of loving that your bangs are back ♥

kelsey said...

oh MY GOSH!! no wonder Lilo is so crazy for sam she is absolutely gorgeous-i love androgynous women and she's doing it alllll right..gotta meet her soon..defintely might be my new girl crush