Tuesday, May 26, 2009


topshop sailor shorts, topman striped tee (boyfriend's), vintage boots, scarf and necklace, renegadelovers bag (self made), forever 21 sunnies

I just came from Day 1 of Philippine fashion week, but have yet to upload the photos. Lets just say, tomorrow I am going to dress more like myself.. because what I wore today was just so not "me". You'll see.

These photos were taken the day before I got my bangs cut. Shopping in heels isn't usually my thing.. but in these boots, anything is possible. They are quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes of the moment.

Tomorrow I am heading over to Embassy to see no other than Steve Aoki. He has been here countless times together with the Cobrasnake, but always when I'm on the island. Looks like tomorrow's gonna be quite the night.

How are you lovelies doing?

xoxo, dane

PS: That up there is the red bag I was talking about.. the one loosely inspired by one Zoe Kravitz carries.. I kinda love it already. xxxx


DaisyChain said...

Everything about this outfit is utter perfection,
I so want to steal the bag from you.

kathrynsky said...

great shoes,
great shorts,
great shirt!

geisharock said...

love love love the bag!! you are so talented :) the boots are so lovely, i adore the braided belt detailing. ahhh steve aoki you lucky girl! xoxo

Allie said...

That bag is so kick ass. And so are you my lovely :)
I'm dyyyying to visit your island nation. I want to convince the boyf that he needs to travel back ot his roots, LOL.

Karencilla said...

Dane, my sis and i love your bag!
Doing good. Went today to shop.. couldn't find anything good enough to loose my breath.

labeautifulvie said...

I really like your boots and that red bag is fabulous. cute blog! :)


Anonymous said...

the zoe kravitz inspired bag looks pretty awesome! goodjob!! how much do you usually sell your bags for?

Wanderlusting said...

Love: The BOOTS! THAT BAG! Wow, that ring and necklace! Great job, lady!

What's "Fully Booked?" looks cool!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your outfit :)


fashionista_nix said...

u kinda love the bag?? i loveeeeeee it!! def u are to watch for.. u never know u might be famous with making those bags!!! =)

Dane said...

Anon - I have not yet launched my line, but will hopefully start selling on Etsy soon, just wait for my announcement. They should mostly go for around $50, of course depending on the material + labor. =)

...and "Fully Booked" is a huge bookstore!


Mode Junkie said...


May Kasahara said...

ummm please tell me what red polish you're wearing?
I'm loving it.

Bella said...

The nautical elements are so killer... you're aces. Umm, and I'm coming over to steal your bag and raid your closet!!! okay-xxx