Thursday, May 28, 2009


Guess who was snapped by the ultimate paparazzo?

Here are the rest of the photos.


geisharock said...

Had to comment first like the geek I am to say you look stunning!!!! That is so exciting. Steve Aoki ahhh such a big fan. Love his sister too :) xoxo

Eden said...

steve aoki?! cobrasnaked?! phil fashion week?! god dane, lets exchange lives already. you miss cebu and i'm missing out on all that. haha. love you babe! glad to see everything's so hot with you.:)

much love


May Kasahara said...

love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mode Junkie said...

OMG dane, i agree with eden. let's trade lives already. loving your denim vest here.
face of the girl behind you on the first pic = PRICELESS.
click here to visit me at mode junkie!

Allie said...

WOW! Looks so exciting, I'm with Eden, can we trade lives? Just for a week.

Bambola said...

oh wow! you just hit a whole other level of cool!!!

Dane said...

How bout all you girls join me here next time?!

I swear I dont usually party this much especially in the city.. the events just piled up this week, I guess my timing was right =)

Only you kids are missing! xxx

Krystal said...

these are amazing

Bella said...

HOLY SHIT BABE! Okay let me throw this back at you... You are just awesome. AWE-some.

You know you are! xxxx

Francheska said...

you´re famous!
looking stunning!!!!!!!