Friday, May 29, 2009

PFW #1

rainbow bazaar dress, zara ankle boots, vintage chanel bag

This is what raiding Paula's closet looks like. In my rush to get to her place, I forgot.. well, everything.

Im not your usual "will attend fashion week blah blah" type.. my ADD for one gets in the way most of the time. But on this night I had fun meeting and greeting. I was introduced to the lovely Editor-In-Chief of the very young Stella Magazine, and am looking forward to working with her in the future.. exciting. My favorite collection of the night was Jerome Ang's.. very flashy and in your face, over-embellished and just fabulous. When I find worthy photos, a post is definitely gonna happen.

I must say, my all black classic ensemble isn't at all "Me" but it was fun while it lasted. Kinda like dressing up in Mom's clothes.. we all love that don't we?

I know I do


PS: My photos are piling up, and I still have the ones from the Steve Aoki night.. Paula looks completely trashed in our photo with the cobrasnake, its pretty damn hilarious.


Emz said...

I love your LBD! Cute shoes too =)

Kate said...

ooh this is very cool, how were you able to go to pfw? i wish i could go!

Denise said...

Oh Dane you are so gorgeous, and i love how you looked so chic for the event but still so relaxed just as you naturally are. Not like others that looked totally a different person like hoooahhhh who are you with the stiff hair and 5 inches make up! i like you so much! BTW i am jealous with the Samantha Ronson picture. ihihihihihi. Lilo will kill you. hahahahaah! I don't know am kinda attracted to her now. hihihihi. shhh....don't tell the husband. haha!

amanda said...

you look AMAZING! looove the outfit, & of course the bag, very jealous haha.

pssst did you get my email in reply to one of your comments on my blog? x

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

wow! your dress is so chic!! love how you're wearing it with boots!! :)

Dane said...

Kate - I got some invites but its actually open to the public.. theyre only strict with the first two rows. =)

Eunice said...

You met Geolette? Tell her I say hi. Stella used to be Sugar Sugar before the major revamp ;)

Love them booties!