Monday, May 4, 2009

The Met Gala Red Carpet

I don't usually do a best/worst dressed list, but when I saw these photos this morning, I just couldn't resist.

Hall of Fame

Ashley Olsen in Christian Lacroix - Very typical Ashley.. simple but very chic. Love the detail in the back.
Selma Blair - Love the mesh one shoulder detail, and the bright clutch. She rarely disappoints.
Claudia Schiffer in Versace - This is the kind of dress only models can pull off. Perfection.

Leighton Meester - I love this look! One of my favorites of the night.. quirky and youthful, and perfect with the hair and bold lipstick. Absolute home run.
Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney - More mesh.. again with the bold lip, stunning. Just wish her face wasn't so shiny...
Jessica Stam in Rodarte & Nicholas Kirkwood heels - I love that she kept the hair and makeup simple and let the dress shine with the just the right amount of bling.
Stella McCartney in Stella McCartney - She looks beautiful and I rarely think of her as that. She looks polished and radiant.

Ciara in Pucci - I envy this woman for her body. This dress could look like a fail on others.. but on her it just works.
Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs - The jewel tones work with her porcelain skin, and the shoes are beautiful. Her hair is a little poufy and pageanty, but at least she doesn't look washed out like she usually does.
Diane Krueger in Chanel - Pretty and effortless, lace is just taking over the fashion world these days. Perfect shoes & clutch.. she looks absolutely divine.
Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana - Her first public appearance since the Chris Brown debacle and she looks like her old self again. I love that she likes to take risks fashion wise, this look is very avant garde. Love a cropped pant, very chic.

Hall of SHAME

Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs - I expected more from someone who "designs" dresses. The dress looks tacky on her.. and the shoes are hideous.
Winona Ryder - Its like she rolled out of bed, forgot to steam her dress, picked the mumsiest shoes in her closet and forgot she was going to the met.. cause she wore tights! Just wrong.
Rachel Weisz in Vera Wang - She looks washed out with the vampire makeup, the choker and what is that bit of yellow sticking out from under her dress?
Madonna in Louis Vuitton - Where do I start? The thigh high boots, the visible push up bra, the fingerless gloves and the scrunchy? No no no noooooo..

Personal Favorites - Leighton Meester, Stella McCartney & Diane Krueger


Sara said...

I LOVED Ashley and Rihanna's outfits! Ashley looked gorgeous overall, I think.
And, omg what was Madonna thinking?

Diana said...

I thought Rachel Weisz was the only hight light of an otherwise bad night of fashion at the Met.

DaisyChain said...

I love Ashley's outfit. I also liked Lily D's.

Eeli said...

Babe i completely agree with everything here but I totally thought that Rachel Weizs was Helena Bonham Carter! She really looks like her here!

Favourites go to Ashley, Kate and Diane but all are absoolute stunners. Madonna actually made me shiver lol.

Hope you're well lovely

Sher said...

Rachel Weisz....maybe the vampire look is "in"? And Beckham's trademark seems to be hideous shoes LOL!

My fave is Anne Hathaway, but then ....I'm over forty ;D

Allie said...

That's a Pucci??? I'm so confused by that label lately. Where's the pattern??!

Mads said...

My favorites are: Ashley Olsen - simple but stunning! Claudia Schiffer - she pulls of the peek-a-boo look so well! Dianne Kruger - very dainty mini dress..

Anne Hathaway looks matrona-ish with that hair!! Thanks for your comment BTW..=)


Eunice said...

P.S. Oh and did you see Shalom??? Hole Notha Level of fabulous!


Eunice said...

Kate topped my list; only she could pull off a freakin' gold turban. And Stam and Diane Kruger were next levs!

Funny how the same LV heels can look killer on Leighton and completely off on Posh, non? I love Miss Blair's dollfaced look!! - E :)

Yuka said...

augh i agree with you on everyone in the hall of shame list!! louis vuitton looked so good on the runway and madonna managed to make it look like this??! SHAME.

kaylateodoro said...

Tita Dane !

are YOU ready to change MY life? AHAHAHAHA.

last night was fun and I can't wait to see you in Manila! you can go clean up my attic and look for all the buttons =))

♥ Kayla

ps. im going to look for the poodle when i get to manila 'cause it's easier to look in the classified ads.

Eeli said...

haha reminds me of an outfit post you did a while back. Did you check out the Santigold mini post! I just HAD to mention your night lol. Hope you don't mind chicka

xx as always :D

Adela said...

love ashley's dress!

Mode Junkie said...

diane krueger always gets it right in my eyes. and i think she doesn't have a stylist?? correct me if i am wrong. ;)
dane babe, show me the bags you made. mine are from zara (the ruffle thingy)..

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I loved Stella too. I also really like Ashley's look and Kate Hudson. xx