Saturday, May 2, 2009

You are my hair hero.


Eden said...

hey gorjezz,

don't we all want to know who karla's hairdresser is?! her hair is sooo fabulous. and carry talaga.:) bet you can pull it off...

oh yeah, your sunnies kick ASS. you know how i can get them too?! please please help!!

i also tagged you in my blog for some Q&A. can't wait to see your answers:)

much love


Allie said...

Damn. I would do it if I wasn't in business.

Ok, maybe I'd do a faux hawk??

Shit, maybe I don't really have the balls to do it. She's a hair bad ass.

karl's sweet child said...

that's pretty much just like my hair few weeks ago!

karla said...

aw sweet! glad you liked the hairrrr-do. i'm still getting used to it :)