Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All you need is LOVE ~ Road Sale X

on Dane
bench altered skinny jeans, old navy tank, vintage batwing jacket and boots, I love you necklace

on Paula
topshop tee, vintage doc martens, marc jacobs tote, republ1c hat (forgot what brand)

Every month they hold a wicked little road sale at Cubao X, where you can bring your vintage or self made items, candies, clothes, projects what have you, and sell them on the road. Paula and I brought some boxes that we customized with old Archie comics and some vintage sunglasses we hunted down on a very hectic day downtown, and so had a good excuse to join the fun and drown ourselves in beer. I am always fascinated with Cubao X, and on every visit I find something beautiful to photograph and never go home disappointed. I also bought a boho dress for about a dollar and a pretty little bag for a little less than a dollar.. perfect for me considering how broke I am. Is it just me or does this year financially suck already?

If you grew up in the Philippines, you would know something we here call "plastic balloon". They go for 1-5pesos and come in a tube and you roll a bit around the end of a small what looks like a lollipop stick and blow into it creating a balloon.. there - in case you were wondering what the hell I was doing up in those photos. I love to go back to being a child even if only for a few minutes, and plastic balloons were definitely in my box of favorite childhood memories.

Halfway through the drinking, I decided to stop and babysit Paula instead.. my stomach has been acting up every time beer would go anywhere near it, which now resulted in my being on a personal alcohol ban - indefinitely. Good thing I am as much fun off as I am on it..

Oh! And I was also excited to finally get to wear the jacket that I bought on my last trip to Baguio. My boyfriend picked it out and it was a steal - at 20 pesos. That's like half a dollar if my math is correct. It is exquisitely patterned too, which gives me crazy batwing like ideas just by looking at it.. Hmmm.



PS: RIP my Tito Mateito =(

PPS: The lovely Karen did an interview with me here, thanks doll!

PPSS: If you want to be included in my blogroll, please let me know, I will update it soon.



TINE said...

In all my life as a 22 yr old, I could never make a perfect plastic balloon as that one! Mines would always pop.

amanda said...

i can't believe you grew up partly in australia, that's so cool! where exactly?

the photo with the bubbles is too cute & i love your outfit, especially the jacket. <3

Eunice said...

ZOMG, my Fave Beauty Editorial Shoot Ever consisted of dozens of plastic balloons... toxic-toy-high-five!

Batwing tops and Archie Comics, need I say more? ;)

Come beck!
-E xo

Mode Junkie said...

i love plastic balloons! so much so i ebayed it here in germany, but found none. sad. you make a perfect balloon dane! lol. that sounds weird. anyway, tell paula imma steal her boots if i see that again here. love your vintage jacket.

the archie boxes are RAD!

Rain said...

You girls seems to have so much fun! It's enjoyable seeing the pics!


teeyah. said...

I <3 plastic balloons. Definitely a trip back to childhood :) Were your bags included in your sale? Would love to buy some from your collection :)

issa said...

OMG why are you so awesome... these photos look so fun! i love.

Karencilla said...

Dane, thanks again for doing the interview! you rock.

I LOVE those plastic balloons, i used to have those all the time when i was growing up!

PS: hey if you have space for me in your blog roll it would be awesome. I added you to my candy box.

Votingagain said...

The pics show fierceness. Kinda envious. ;)

Wanderlusting said...

I sometimes have the same problem with beer - have you tried Gluten free? It's pricey but beter for your digestive system!

LOve these pics, that kind of market is sooo rad, wish we had more of them here. Love the boots too!

Fashion Moment said...

This is an excelent post, dear!


Couture Carrie said...

So fun!
You all look tres hip!
Love these pics!


Karencilla said...

Dane Thanks for adding my blog to your list.

Thanks so much for the nice comment about my pouch. About the zipper thing.. it' not that tricky.
I made a tutorial of how to make a pouch href="http://minisweethearts.blogspot.com/2008/11/cute-pouch.html">here

Amelia said...

Cool pictures! This looks so fun. Why do we not have this sort of thing in my town?

Kristin said...

Now that looks like a good time. Loving those boots!

Anonymous said...

holy crap i love those bubble thingies! I thought it was just a regular bubble the first time i saw it and it stuck to the tip of my finger when i tried to pop it

i love your pictures!