Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Renegade Summer Skin

  • If I wasnt too busy over-working my sewing machine, I would be wearing everything up there ^^.
  • I have a migraine =(
  • I just completed my own version of a bandage zipper dress.. except it comes in separates. Will photograph everything shortly.
  • Black jersey is quite possibly my favorite type of fabric ever. Like, ever.
  • Today I am staring at a pile of purple jersey, envisioning what it will look like next week, in what form.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg is fast becoming my most loved GG cast member. Shes just feisty, I think we could hang out in dark bars together knocking down shots of Jameson and smoking like chimneys.
  • I must bleach more denim.
  • Thinking about adding a fringe to one of my bikinis.
  • Obviously going absolutely DIY crazy over here, suggestions welcome.
What have you DIYed recently/would you like to DIY?

smooches + squeezes*


PS: Thanks FabUnfunded for featuring my clutch.

Photo Credit : Whowhatwear, TFS, Topshop, Knightcat, Fashion Canvas


Ms Constantine said...

O. M. G. Dane! I want one of your bags soooo bad. Do you do commissions?

Bambola said...

I would love to DIY a zipper top.

Get a huge oversized one and attach a zipper on the fabric so it become a more figure hugging dress than a top.... That's not explaining it very well at all. It's similar to something on topshop I think =)

Bambola said...

oh, found it...

yiqin; said...

OMG I want to see your bandage zipper dress!

DaisyChain said...

so far my only diy attempts are my necklaces,
however my grandparents (love 'em) have bought my Mum and I a sewing machine so watch this space ;)

proudly says, said...

fabulous photos!

Allie said...

Ok, the more stuff you make, the more I want it! Can I send you measurements and money and you magically create the greatest-dress-of-all-time for me?

All kidding aside, I wanna see your newest creation!

Coco said...

I did acid wash denim recently:

I do heaps of studding as well. Wow I can't believe how good you are at making your own stuff!

Posh said...

Great collage! <3