Sunday, July 12, 2009

We share our mother's health..

  • I need to leave the house more often. Or not.
  • Jello is ♥
  • I made this dress last week.. with matching belt. Still re-thinking the whole Etsy thing.. frankly, I just have too many accounts and cant be bothered putting everything in the shop and on the blog.. and everything usually lands on the blog first. But don't worry, If ever my Etsy disappears, the blog is still open for any inquiries and sales.
  • I think my inner hippie is back in full force and I am dangerously attracted to all things slouchy, flowy and fringey.. It reminds me of how I was teased back in 6th grade for wearing flowers pants to school.
  • I love all things toga and one shouldered.
  • I just watched The Hemp Revolution.. which makes me want to rally to illegalize smoking and legalize cannabis instead. Watch it.
  • Is today Sunday?
  • The whole Michael Jackson circus is making me sick. All the capitalizing and now this.. its all beyond sad.
  • I will never get sick of Dirty Dancing. I mean, how hot was Mr Swayze? Its my ultimate feel good movie.
What is your ultimate feel good movie?


DaisyChain said...

I will never get sick of dirty dancing either
(and I 100% agree on the Micheal Jackson thing, too).

I love that dress
utter perfection.

Honi said...

What I wanna know is: WHO is your official photographer?!?! First those amazing red shots from the tequila-pineapple night, and now these... Do you just have someone follow you around and wait for him to capture you in all of your glorious FABULOUSNESS?!?!

And that dress is STUNNING.


(P.S: For me, you can't beat "Singing in the Rain" for ultimate feelgood film. I've loved it all my life. )

¶ M said...

I feel as if the produces are selling his merchandises just because of "in the moment" thing. Talk about too soon" It's horrible, I think people should just let MJ rest in peace.

I love the dress, so flowy and I love the pattern.

Noelle Chantal said...

you are really talented, Dane! that floral dress is very nice. i esp like the floral print and color you picked. and the idea of making a tiny little matching belt is so right. great accessories too! :)

haha i think i wore floral pants too during grade school. so cute! and hippie look is just perfect for our tropical climate, right?

by the way, my ultimate feel good movie is watching The Beach and The Devil Wears Prada for the millionth time. :)

Cheryl said...

Cute dress, Dane! So loving the color,print and that cute belt. ;)Completely agree with the MJ thing. Feel good movie? Firs Wives Club! Funny scenes and great actresses.SJP was even in that movie. :)

Rebecca Rose said...

I like your third pic and your accessories. I love your dress, u are very talented. Wish I could do that too but unfortunately God didnt gave me that gift ( yet ) lol..j/k.

Anyway my ultimate feel good movie is " The Notebook ".. I know the ending was sad but darn that movie is just really good. The love they had for each other was undeniable.

>>> Rebecca Rose

geisharock said...

you look b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l darling! :) that dress is gorgeous. shamefully i really adore dirty dancing 2 - diego luna is such a cutie xoxo

Eunicey said...

She's All That and Love Actually, because I can just let go of the girly emotions w/o overthinking. Love, love, love...

Go here naaaaaaa

Denise said...

lovely dress dane! i love the color and the flower print.

i love the kissy kissy pout.

hey what's wrong with flower pants? Used to wear them all the time back in grade school. Back then my only color is "flowers". hihihi.

teeyah. said...

Your dress is like WHOA! Beautiful. <3 My feel good movie is Scent of a Woman, always! :)

Rach said...

You made that?! How awesome! I love one-shouldered things too. The color, shape, and the belt on this dress are amazing :]

Mode Junkie said...

great dress babe! ;)
i thought it was from zara.

KAELA said...

Beautiful dress.

Wanderlusting said...

That dress is gorgeous! The colours, the pattern, the!

I've only seen Dirty Dancing once...I wasn't that impressed. I mean, why is the 50's but they all have 80's hair? haha

My feel good movie is probably Roman Holiday, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Almost Famous, Charade, Romancing the Stone, It's a Wonderful many!

Bella said...

The fact that you made this craaaazzzzy beautiful dress makes me adore you even more... and hell yeah to being 'dangerously attracted to all things slouchy, flowy and fringey'!!
I'm right there with ya babe. xx

Allie said...

Loved Dirty Dancing! But I love your creation even moooooore!!!!!

My feel-good movie[s]? Grease, Ten Things I Hate About You, and Grandma's Boy.

Kristin said...

That dress is so gorgeous and looks perfect on you!

Nahna said...

Oh really: You lived in Munich, also? Do you speak any German at all?

You look great. I especially love the peacock necklace <3

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Thank you for the comment, what a beautiful dress ;)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love that dress Dane! You are one extremely talented lass!! I love Dirty Dancing... I know this sounds blah but I tend to watch Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada over and over again if I ever feel down... knowing that even stylish ladies have real-life problems somehow perks me up.. plus the clothes too!

Hey... I wore a pair of bright Lemon Guess Jeans back in 7th grade...paired it with sneakers (that had subdued sunflower prints) and a plain white tee... I was mortified when they teased me...and never wore it again, but looking back makes me feel grateful that I had a Mom and a stylist in one pretty package!

cherie said...

that is a beautiful dress! I love the yellow :D

Sylvia said...

I can't believe you made the dress! It's so great. You picked a lovely print, too.

My feel good movie? Probably Love Actually. I wouldn't mind watching it right now, in fact!

Posh said...

You look so lovely!