Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunshine been keeping me up for days..

thrifted maxi skirt, red tank from mom, havaianas flip flops

♥ Elliott Smith is my hero. He just gets it.

Last night =
  • hot & humid
  • kissable lips
  • tequila + pineapple juice
  • running in the rain
  • getting the poker table drunk
  • shark attack/Summerplace
  • trying to dance to hip hop @ Juice Bar
  • stumbling
  • Jammers cheese dog + salted cashews
  • drunk online texting (did I drunk tweet too?)
I haven't done this in so long I have forgotten how much I love my fellow islanders company. Must spend more time outdoors with the real world.

I have been so stressed out about life in general. I guess at 25 I always thought I would already have my life mapped out for myself.. but for someone who wants so much and right now but then changes her mind too much - this quarter life business is an absolute nightmare. Any other 20-somethings out there going through something similar? Ive never been good with life changing decisions.

How was your Friday night, and Happy 4th of July to all yee Americains! XOXO


Fashion Moment said...

You look great, darling! And, I love that huge glass.


Denise said...

i love the top the skirt and the photos.

dane i am almost 30 and i haven't figure it our yet. Lucky you you're still on your silver year. hihihihihihi.

take it easy, you're doing just fine.

Honey V said...


Give yourself a break, honey. Who needs to know all the answers at 25 ANYWAY? Do what feels right for the moment. And then if it don't feel good no more, make a change.

Life is an adventure. Just enjoy the moment, and don't drive yourself nuts unnecessarily. The less you force it, the more easily it falls into place.

Smile, smile, smile. You are SO FREAKIN' FABULOUS. You can do ANYTHING. x♥x

Bella said...

I'm dying over these pictures... and when I saw the enormously-larger than life cup I thought, "Oh yeah, she's having fun."

You look amazing, you are amazing... remember that. xxx

DaisyChain said...

you look great, I love the warmth in the photos.

Karencilla said...

looking great Dane!

Overdressed Me said...

that crazily enormous cup is just fun. how i envy you.

and u remind me of a beautiful gypsy in this outfit. u definitely know how to pull it off.

May Kasahara said...

dear lord you are gorgeous.

Sayraah said...

Hi Dane!

I definitely can relate. I started my blog because i was suffering from the same quarter-life shit too.hahaha

btw.. i also went to FIP!hahaha FIP's fun eh??? :P

much love,
sarah of

Rachel C. said...

tequila + pineapple juice is my summer drink! i didn't think anyone else drank this because bartenders always look at me like i'm crazy when i order it.

i don't think your life can ever be completely mapped out. it's good to want different things and i also think it's good to change your mind. your open to so many more experiences that way!