Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swirling black lilies totally ripe..

wearing vintage DIYed Calvin Klein cut-offs, vintage Chanel one piece

  • Today was spent having pancakes on my roof, music on full blast (Elliott Smith/Joy Division/Blondie/Bjork) painting in aquarelles. Growing up I loved to paint, my mother is an amazing artist.. but I ended up somewhat outgrowing it and replacing it with heavy drinking. Who knows, maybe one day my long lost talent can still be salvaged?
  • My sleep disorders are out of control. I sleep 15 mins later every day.. and considering that I slept at 6:30am today, this might not end well in the future..
  • I have been somewhat productive, making a yellow maxi dress with a matching belt.. it looks like something Nicole Richie would wear, which is not a bad thing considering she captures that boho-luxe vibe I love so much quite spectacularly..
  • On my last trip to the city I was looking for a pretty studded belt, but could only find either the most ridiculously priced or completely overdone kind. With a healthy stash of leatherette and studs i figured I could probably come up with something myself.. and so I did.
  • My insomnia has also led me to make myself an eye mask. It has a fafi print as is crazy cute and flowery, but I still love it nonetheless.
  • My movie madness is on an all time high. Last night I watched Kurt & Courtney, a documentary about Kurt Cobain's death. Did Courtney really have him killed? If so, she is crazy. Kurt had the most breathtaking pools of turquoise as eyes.
  • My roots need retouching, but I am too lazy. I should just grow them out like this one Japanese girl I saw on this street blog.. too bad I cant remember which one.
  • PS: Secrets are good, right?
What are your favorite most controversial movies?


listening to Bjork - Pagan Poetry


Bambola said...

Most favourite controversial movie? The Life of David Gale, you gotta watch it if you can find it! =) Brilliant.

I am rather envious of your life.

Bambola x

DaisyChain said...

I loveeeeee this.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous outfit, darling!
Sorry about your insomnia...
Fave controversial movie: Borat!


Wanderlusting said...

Hahah but heavy drinking IS a requirement of being an artist! Least, that's what I tell myself :P

Karencilla said...

love the photos. you look great. Get some sleep girl! it's good for your skin. =) And i have to retouch my roots... i feel lazy too.

Mode Junkie said...

love the one piece chanel babe! ;) have to watch that film. i agree kurt cobain has the most amazing eyes!

Stompface said...

oh I wrote a comment on here, but I think I broke it. so I shall say it again.

I think your hair looks super amazing in these pics, so I wouldn't worry about being lazy because it is pretty.

also how amazing is that chanel one piece.


Overdressed Me said...

i always envied how u pull of those fierce eyes and beautiful photos.