Saturday, August 29, 2009

No pido que todos los días sean de sol

topshop pocket skirt, H&M basic tiger print tee, market market DIY studded bag & Mariel's leopard fedora

  • Ive been taking advantage of the amazing weather and amazing company and since we are nearing the end of the summer, all the people I love have started migrating back to the tropics from Euro-land. Hence, more BBQ's, harder drinks, lots of chocolate and in my case, lots of neon nail polish.
  • After extensive discussions, we have come to a decision - I will be staying on the island for another season, and possibly be going back to school by next spring. With that came a promotion to kite shop co-manager along with my better half, an invitation to sell my dresses at my boss' shop (Kite-Asia), wild photo shoot dreams, an endless list of Halloween costumes to make and a plan to be in charge of making desserts for our little kite cafe, come season. My mango float last Friday turned out to be quite the success, despite my 10 thumbs and my innate ability to always ruin everything I start in the kitchen.. lets just ignore the fact that I came pretty close to chopping a finger off while slicing mangoes.
  • My hair and I are developing quite the love-hate relationship. My stylist is on another island gracing other people with her talent, and leaving me with monster roots and Mars looking like a mop. I cant decide what to do with the hair, redo color all around? Dye it darker? Just the highlights? Red? Green? Purple? Black? Help.
How was your weekend?


amanda said...

i would love to see you with darker hair, i think you'd look amazing!

congrats on all the great things coming your way, sounds like you're going to have an amazing but busy time ahead of you :)

bub. said...

heya! i sayyyyyyyyyy highlights of purple! :)well not all around prolly just at the inside-ish? idno :)

Allie said...

I vote darker :)

And I love your nails!

Denise said...

love the hat and the cute nails. I like the shade of your hair now. Suits you fine.

oh the hair. I hate my hair now. I want to cut it but am really a little afraid i might regret it.

have a great sunday

daisychain said...

I love your skirt!

Mads said...

Ahhh super cute nails and I love that yellow green ring! thanks for your comment, BTW..


TINE said...

I'd also really like to see you in darker hair. I think it'll make you look ultra-sultry. Not that you aren't already!

A. said...

I'm a fan of starting clean over with hair... I think that that dark bluey-burgundy shade is amazing :)


Anthem said...

Dye your hair darker!

Miss Pico Union said...


I'm totally digging you blog!

The Youth.