Sunday, August 16, 2009

So this is permanence; love-shattered pride. What once was innocence, has turned on its side.

Control (2007). Story of Ian Curtis, front man of Joy Division. Not only is the cinematography beautiful in this movie, but Sam Riley, who played Curtis, looked eerily like the man he was playing - complete with the erratic dance moves of the singer. If you are a fan of Joy Division like I am, you will love this film.

To prove how inspiring the movie is, I took these still shots.. And now crave for a jacket with the word "HATE" written on the back of it. Yes, I'm totally feeling emo these days.

If Sam Riley looks familiar to you, it is probably because he (along with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) was the face of Burberry F/W 08-09.

[photo source - TFS]

Must. Watch.


daisychain said...

ugh, so amazing.

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely stunning photo collage, darling!


P.S. Your blog looks awesome, btw!

sheens said...


especially the stills on the kiss and the still after :)

Raji said...

Gorgeous pics
The film looks ace, will have to watch :)
Also love the "hate" jacket. Very cooll

Your blog is awesomeee :)

coco said...

My brother loves this film. I still haven't seen it.


Hello Dane!

Such a beautiful blog you got here! I do love this movie, amazing place and story...his songs were so inpiring...specially 'Love will tear us apart"...even now, this song is nostalgic and modern...
I didn't know about Burberry! I do love this campaing!

Thanks so much for your sweet words, I really try hard to do my best at the blog....

Let´s keep in touch!

A kiss and a hug,

See you!!!


Dane said...

Oh my god guys, If you have not seen it, you must, asap. Every shot is beautiful as you can tell by the stills. Its quite nostalgic, and if you hate depressing movies, maybe you should skip this one.. but it really got under my skin.

And Sam Riley is so convincing.. shame the Academy people were not watching, he is brilliant!

Blue is in Fashion said...

Thank you for your comment!!

Vik said...

I mustnt have been on your blog in maybe a week now and i missed your last few posts :( but im up2date and read them all now :) i love your new layout, and your diy lace bra is amazing! please definately do a diy post on this i would love to have a go at making this! ps i think in those shots of the lace bra you look alot like fashion toasts rumi!
much love from Ireland xx

Ashleigh said...

such romantic shots!

Bella said...

Hey beauty!

If the still shots can tell this much of the story... I've gotta see the film. There's definitely something about the artsy tone that draws me in. xxx

Eden said...

me love!

its totally been awhile, yes? thanks for allt he LOVE and support that youve given even while i was on hiatus. appreciate the kind words like super! and the blog redesign is GORGE. looking fantastic lately!

much love


Wanderlusting said...

Is that not the BEST film ever!!! AHhh love it!

ryan manning said...


June Paski said...

im big fan of joy division, and i really love this film

sam riley look like ian curtis twins


Jowy said...


One Love,

Adela said...

i love the third pictures! a perfect image of modern-day chivalry! =)

KATLIN said...

damn i just rented movies today! next time i'll have to see this! i'm so obsessed with watching films... so sad though because i have to decrease my amount each week cuz i get so busy! now i'm at two, probably be one or none once school starts!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love your blog. :)
Gorgeous photos! They gave me goosebumps!

Wind Faerie said...

Love your new clean, simple and chic blog look.
Look forward to your photos more than your featured photos of other people :)
Can't get over the clean look! So beautiful yet still with a lot of elegant spunk!

Ingrid said...

I really want to watch this movie now.... The pictures all make me think about London for some reason.