Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is your last chance to find a go-go dance to disco now..

vintage leopard shorts and bodysuit (thanks mom!), self made drawstring bag

The last few days have been a roller coaster ride. Since punching a guy at a bar last week, my suppressed thoughts about life in general have resurfaced, turning me into a zombie, with the occasional fits of rage. Men seriously bring out the best and the worst in me.

The good news is that the weather on the island has been breathtakingly beautiful. Personally, I quite value my time alone at home, tinkering away over my sewing machine and bits of fabric or throwing myself into the infinite alternate universe full of pictures and words also known to mankind as the Internet.. but these days even the privacy craving part of me doesn't stand a chance against the sun, the smell of coconut oil and the Ti Braz sunbeds. The sunset made of orange, pink and blue is merely a much appreciated bonus.

Last night I debuted my newly thrifted leopard shorts, demonstrated more self-discipline by sipping on something that didn't contain any amount of alcohol, sat on the bar, scribbled my drink of choice on my palm with a sharpie as an attempt to make ordering from a full bar a tad easier, wore 3 different pairs of geek glasses and watched everyone around me become more and more inebriated and acting a complete fool. Sober partying turns out to be a lot more fun than expected, evidently, since I didn't get home until 4am.

I know I have plenty of catching up to do - my google reader is virtually overflowing!

Hope you are all well! xo


hurley fedora, f2 bikini


Coco said...

Good on you! I've always wanted to punch a boy ;)

I hate getting drunk. Sober partying is the new black. haha.

bub. said...

i agree with coco, good on you.
love the outfit and i had nails like that this summer :)

Couture Carrie said...

Such a fun outfit, darling!
Love your hat too!


Rachel C. said...

those shorts are amazing! leopard is a print that i've always shyed away from for some reason, but i've found myself hunting for a leopard print cardigan during my latest thrifting adventures.


Raji said...

Well done for the punch :)
Lovelyy look
Seriously lovee your nail colour!!

Allie said...

Girl, maybe we are more alike than I thought. I punched a boy once. Ok, it was about 5 years ago but still!

We definitely need to party together. You and your girls should fly here as well! Or hopefully I'll magically close all the deals I'm working on all at once so I can have the cash to take a trip somewhere.


coco said...

I love those crazy glasses.

Delectable Swank said...

Love those big glasses and the leopard shorts! I know what you mean about sober partying, sometimes being the sober one and watching everyone else act like fools is pretty entertaining, LOL.

Damsels said...

love those funky glasses and those pretty leopard shorts .you look so hot !

MILLA said...

ooh how sexy glasses you have ;)