Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There's a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you're around

[Photo Source - Red Posion for the Digital Photographer Magazine]

Bad blogger, I know. I have not had much time to write anything remotely interesting, so I decided to just spare you. The truth is, I have been flooded with so many decisions that need to be made, bills are piling up, and the plans for the next few months have been unveiled.
  • First, I found out yesterday that I have been picked up for sponsorship, as a rider for North Kiteboarding. There is a brand spanking new tour called the Kite Tour Asia, and I will be riding for team Philippines, and so far am the only female in the line up. Talk about pressure! To add to the stress, I have been out of the loop for exactly a year, which now means I am going to be subjected to a crazy ass training schedule, on top of everything else I have going on. Now its back to yoga, running, biking and riding.. must turn my soft bits back into muscle mass.
  • KTA stops include: China, end of Oct; Hong Kong, beginning of Dec; Vietnam, end of Jan; Philippines, mid Feb and finally Thailand, end of March which also falls on my birthday - interesting ♥ If you shall find yourself in the vicinity at those dates, holler!
  • RenegadeLovers is in the process of becoming official. Yessss to starting a business.
  • New piles of fabric, means new projects. So far on my to make list: 3 costumes for Halloween, flowy maxi dresses for the shop and a pink tutu for my boss.. my male boss. Stay tuned for that one.
  • Hello, my new mannequin, Sarah =)
  • There is so much going on but before I fall asleep on my keyboard, WTF is Kanye's problem, how amazing are all the blogger photos at NYFW, RIP Patrick Swayze and RIP Mark Reyes.
I shall leave you with my current NYFW faves. I want to live in that Thakoon dress.

Lots of love, loversss!

[Photo Source - Style.com ]


Karencilla said...

Dane congratulations for all those accomplishments! you look gorgeous! oh myyyy!

Allie said...

You're my hero goddammit. Congrats again on the sponsorship, a girl after my own heart :)

Wanderlusting said...

wow - so much on the go! I applaud you on all your endevours, the kiteboaring to the clothing store....SO COOL!!!!

Lusty x0x0

bub. said...

ur coming to HONG KONG?! im coming to watch u :)

bryna said...


Ms Constantine said...

Congratulations Dane! That's awesome.

Sounds like you've got a heap of interesting stuff going on at the moment.

That picture is awesome.

geisharock said...

what an epic post! congrats darling on all your success!!! you will have to keep us updated re: kiteboarding and renegadelovers. oooh i've never partied in thailand before, i'm sure it won't be hard to have a great birthday bash there :) xoxo

Eden said...

dane! super congratulations on everything love. you are unstoppable gorgeous! wish to have that energy and that prowess! kudos to being the only girl in the team... gotta show them who's boss!

btw vielen dank on your help with die Deutsche.. es geht for now as there are so many roadblocks every day i learn it, but you know.. its a slow process...:)

super appreciate the love and i know you're gonna do so well.:)

btw if you need any help with writeups/tidbits of marketing for RenegadeLovers for Cebu, let me know!:)

ich liebe dich!

trishacamille said...

holy wow you're amazing.
i love the picture. wish i could take one like that! haha

pensandlens said...

your coming to Thailand...what date? Ohh gee I am going to watch you!!! Love you on the photo so
congratulations on the new business...

take care lots of love


Angel said...

dani, u look obviously stunnin in that pic. ey congratz on the tour. show them wot you got! best of luck lover. and im excited to get my goodies soon. let me know businesslady/ kiteboarder/designer...i can go on u know...

-A bisous

ps ooh gotta add u in my blogroll
wanna exchange?


daisychain said...

you are seriously amazing

Ela said...

Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments and all the great things headed your way because of your amazing talent and hard work! I can only imagine it's crazy hectic at least it's all good!
Can't wait to see the pink tutu!

ninja said...

u r going the official way? wooow... cant wait for your stuff :)
and the picture is amaaaaazing! would you teach me how to surf haha?no seriously... it's one of my dreams.

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Look at your gorgeousness!! WHOOT WHOOT! Way to go! I'm so in love with the Rag & Bone collection! Wish I could have gone to fashion week. :(




Yves said...

Congrats and love the pic

Anonymous said...

hey dane! just wana know when that pic was taken.. what's the story behind it..? it's so intriguing.......you look awesome there btw

Dane said...

Anon - The photo was taken almost 2 years ago for a magazine. The photographers were covering the party scene in boracay and I firedanced for them too and we decided to take some shots on the beach with the kiteboard =)