Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sew The Pop Station

There are quite a few local designers who are making their mark, and as a homage to my new found patriotism, I decided to start writing more about new talents, stores, people from the islands I call my home - I guess I'm just sick of taking so many pictures of myself in my clothes. But fret not, as soon as I get my new camera gear together, you can rest assured I will be back to my narcissistic self.. beware!

Ever since I saw Ava Paguyo on the 1st season of Project Runway, I have been a bit of a fan. Hey design style is fearless, unique and stands out from the sea of beaded dresses and jewel tones in Philippines fashion. If I could choose one person for her to dress, It would be Lady Gaga.. or M.I.A. Either way, I'm sure she would hit the nail on the head like it was nobody's business. I'm practically salivating over her graffiti tights and the striped shirt with the paint splashes.
She was kind enough to let me pick her brain a little.

What is your label called?
I have a line under my own name, my silk screened shoes and scarves are under Sew the Pop Station Specials and I have an RTW label, ELECTRIC CUTES which I share with my friends Kitty Caragay and Reza Aznar.

How would you describe the clothes you make?
The clothes that I make under Electric Cutes are eye candy street, dressed down hipster i guess, something you could dance and be comfortable in, and still stand out. We grew up to kawaii fashion, so now that we've grown, our aesthetics still borders on the cute, but not too blatantly.
My clothes in general are very graphic and experimental. I like playing with colors, cuts and drapes. i like doing my own prints either through silk screening or dyeing. My clothes are not confined to a certain style but you'll know they're made by me. The styles usually hint on street, Harajuku, 80s, the quirky and the not.

When did you know you wanted to design clothes?
I was in my 3rd year of BS Biology in The University of the Philippines Baguio when I decided to design clothes instead of becoming a doctor. Because of the thrift stores in
Baguio,I got exposed to alternative clothing that were not the usual mall norm plus I saw Vivienne Westwood's mini bustle skirt on TV which was insane. It was instant love. After I got my degree in BS Biology, I studied Clothing Technology in UP Diliman.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from?
I am always inspired by contrasts, irony and planned chaos and anything really. Vivienne Westwood is always an inspiration. Friends, inanimate things, the weather, a process, experiments, movies, music, Japan, the Brits, revolutionary street fashions, the counter and cute culture, vintage pop and anything that inspires a cut, a color combination, a mood, a detail and more.
John Waters of course for the humor or lack thereof I find in fashion or in making clothes.

What are 3 of your favorite current trends?

Michael Jackson fashion! Sprouse prints, bunny ears

If you could dress any famous person in the world, who would it be?
Molly Ringwald when she was Andie in Pretty in Pink because her pink prom frock was fugs (Duckie was way more stylish than her) Susie Bubble...I want to see what look she'll come up with dressed in my clothes.

What is your favorite movie of all time, style-wise?
Too many! KAMIKAZE GIRLS, Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, Marie Antoinette, GIGI because of the white Cecil Beaton gown that Leslie Caron wore to the Ball. John Waters is insane and I heart him. His movies Hairspray (the 1988 original yo, I haven't the remake) and Cry Baby were most stylin' i think. Growing up, I always thought Tracy Turnblad's roach dress was sick and beautiful and that The Drapes was a pretty bunch.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a designer so far?
My first collection, The Madness of Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeves. It was raw and unaffected by anything that would normally trouble a designer. I'm glad I was able to make something that was all heart. Doing the collection then, I thought I was the shiznit haha.

What kind of music to you listen to?
Anything but ballad and heavy metal. I like music with killer awwww lines and music that me and my friends can dance to when its pretty late at the Junkie Shop. I have Passion Pit, Phoenix, The Black kids, Ladyhawke on loop lately.

What can we expect from you and your label in the future?
More awesomeness.

Lastly, are your clothes available to the international market and do you have a website?

Electric Cutes is available at, I plan to put up my Ava Paguyo label there soon too but by the meantime, you can view and order my stuff at and at THE JUNKIE SHOP in CubaoX.

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Thanks Ava!


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