Monday, September 7, 2009

inDisposable Summers

  • Disposable cameras are quickly becoming my new favorite thing. These are from my first two rolls. There is something about having to wait a few days to find out whether or not you got something decent in the can. I'm not big on surprises, in fact I despise being caught off-guard, but this is the kind of surprise I could get used to.
  • I have been procrastinating like a champion again, it has been raining so much that I have only been able to muster up energy to finish Miss Allie's clutch. I am only beginning to start to feel the guilt over the amount of junk food consumed within my 4 walls.. I am only comforted by the belief that every female in the world should have the right to limitless amounts of chips, chocolate and candy.. well, once a month anyway.
  • Mini Chupa Chups lollipops are the best thing ever.. Hint of lime Tostitos are a close second.
  • Have you seen Pan's Labyrinth? I am telling you, if you love Alice in Wonderland, this is a must see.
  • I have a few projects in mind.. I will get started as soon as I get the winning bid on this ring I've been lusting over on eBay. Pinkie promise.



amanda said...

gorgeous shots! i just had a camera developed that i've been carrying around for like 4-6 months haha it was great to see the photos i'd forgotten even taking.

Denise said...

beautiful photos dane. love it!

daisychain said...

I have a tin of mini chupa chups

we clearly have excellent taste <3

Rachel C. said...

these are beautiful. i prefer film to digital anyday. sometimes pictures should juist be held, you know?

pans labyrinth=amazing


Rachelle Q said...

yo.. these pictures are awesoome! especially the first one of you underwater. these are by disposable?? excellent. they look like they couldve come from a lomo!

ah, I have binged on junk today (and last weekend) too. I feel so guilty! there's something about the rain.. I def blame it on the weather. awful.

♡ R

Karencilla said...

Dane, can i go there and stay with you for a week? i would love to be there... you took me there for seconds when i saw those great pictures.

Miss Pico Union said...

you photo remind me of a dream..

great shots!

The Youth.

Allie said...

Daney Dane Dane,

I'm so excited to see the bag! And I love these shots. I will make it down to your isle one day :)


geisharock said...

the sea looks so amazing... i want to go there! beaches over here can get really polluted, especially after heavy rain... not nice.

i always wear sunglasses when i swim too, even underwater hahaha. i just bought some new goggles (sexy) recently though so maybe i should get some use out of them.

love the pictures. i know exactly what you mean about disposable cams... i brought 2 to glastonbury festival (didn't want to risk breaking/drowing/losing my digicam) and the photos were gorgeous.

PS. i love the black eyeliner for lipstick idea. i might have to steal it ;)


PPS. my word verification word is "twins". weird!

Vik said...

im so jealous.. i wish i lived where you live!! although id never do anything but lie on the beach and swim in the sea!

MakiMaki Vintage said...

you are totally gorgeous and your blog is adorable. i'm sorry it took me so long to get back to your comment but just so you know; everything in the shop varies in size, from XS-XL. just check the specific auction for exact measurements. hope that helps!
i wish i could be on that beach!

ninja said...

this is soooo beautiful!!!! could use them all for posters. wow.. seriously.

Wanderlusting said...

Beyond. Jealous. Right now. OMG

LOVE disposables for these kind of shots! I still use them, especially if I am going to be in the water a lot - I get the waterproof kind.

I DIYed my boots, inspired by YOU!

Adela said...

love the underwater picture! =)

Nahna said...

<3 Nice post!!!!

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Love throw away cams! The underwater shots are awesome!



Mare said...

love these pics! beautiful!