Saturday, September 5, 2009

El cielo está cansado ya de ver, la lluvia caer..

thrifted african print zipper dress, DIY body chain, Skull Candy zebra fur Hesh headphones from Republ1c, tungsten ring (thanks, Emily!)
  • Yesterday was loverrrrboy's birthday so we had a big BBQ with our island family. It was amazing to have everyone we love [with a few exceptions] all in one spot, eating, drinking, mingling and enjoying the karaoke machine we set up complete with English, Tagalog and German songs. My boss was on a roll and together with the birthday boy he sang one German pop song after another, until I joined them at the end of the night. 99 luftballons is a really fun song to sing in German.. We went home wondering where all the food had gone because I could have sworn we started the night off with a mountain of spaghetti bolognese, 15 orders of BBQ ribs, a ton of sausages, 2 ice cream cakes, one mango float, one chocolate cake and much much more since it was a Potluck dinner. Oh yes, we can eat.
  • I wanted to know what this black lipstick trend was all about, so I whipped out my black eyeliner and some lip balm and got to work.. I nearly smeared everything when I laughed out loud after a brief flashback of a 12 year old me making the German streets unsafe in my ripped jeans, men's t-shirts and goth make-up.
  • Say hello to my new headphones, which can now be considered a somewhat trendy item because of the zebra printed fur. I wanted to get them last year instead of my Jamaican ones, but I was worried about the fur being a little 'hot around the ears'.. so when they went on sale I just jumped at the chance. Besides, nobody should ever say no to 50% off sales.
  • Finally, I found this dress at a thrift store together with my fuchsia maxi tunic.. I immediately was taken by the front and back zipper but still have no idea which is which. I chopped a few inches off to make it less mumsy, and have just realized its potential as my favorite beach cover up dress. And the print is absolute perfection.. now if only I could figure out where to buy a similar fabric..



Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous, darling! Love the lipstick!


Denise said...

i was gonna ask where did you get that lipstick and it's another one of your DIYs. Really that's amazing. you fascinate me with your bold choices. I wonder how did you kiss him that night? hihihihi.

bub. said...

loving the dress!! im trying sooo hard to find thrift shops here in hk. hate shopping here.
anyways check out my blog :)

¶ M said...

gorgeous, stunning, lovely, beautiful - yep the whole package!

gave you an award ♥

TINE said...

You're amazing! I was seriously looking at these crazy headphones a second ago!

ryder said...

bravo for knowing how to apply makeup. bravo for knowing the trend. however... less is more if your planning to go out. fresh face!

Allie said...

You're my hero. Just sayin'.

Coconuts & Coppertone said...

i lust after black lips, but they make my look like a vampire and not in a good way... annnnyyyyways, you look amazing - love the zipper dress too

Dane said...

Denise - I got rid of the goth lip before he got home.. that would have been a tad messy, no?

Ryder - Agreed!

ninja said...

the black lipstick looks gorgeous on you!!!!

Rachelle Q said...

ooh, that was fast! I was just organizing my blog and getting it ready.. :) yep, it is indeed the new spot! I figured I needed to do it again for inspirations' sake.

anyhoo, i absolutely LOVE that dress! you're right about the print, it's perfection. what is that chain thing you're wearing? it's so fab!

♡ R

P.S. thanks for the push to get back to blogging :)

Eden said...

seriously bad ass. yeah i was gonna DIY a body harness too but that should wait until my skills are well along the line-

happy bday to the boyf! dane love, a favor-- if you could write your comments to me in German, i'd consider that a HUGE help. would get me underway with my lessons--which happen to be really hard btw..