Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 Die 4

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I have become shamelessly obsessed with True Blood, and am frustrated because my download on the latest episode has stopped at 45%.. guess for now I'll have to satisfy my thirst (pun intended) with pretty pictures from Anna Paquin's NYLON cover. Ive always been strangely drawn to actresses with an unusual kind of beauty and Anna's gap toothed smile gets me every time. She is gorgeous without having to look like a boring mannequin.. and I love her as the feisty Sookie Stackhouse, especially because of her Oh-no-you-did-not-just-say-that-moments.

Now if only my download would pick up again..

Lastly, I am overwhelmed with the response on my last post, and was especially touched by the emails I have received. It is always comforting to know that somewhere, miles and miles away, someone is feeling the anguish and carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders too.. at least now I know we are carrying it together, and sharing the load. Nobody should ever be too afraid to express their love, opinion, shame or grief.. the only way to stay true to yourself is by being honest with yourself. Set yourself free

Sending all my love and good vibrations to everyone who is in need of a hug xoxoxoxo


PS [Love her dress on the cover..]


Rachel C. said...

EVERYONE i know is so into true blood and i've yet to start watching it.

love this shoot. thanks for sharing.


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

What an amazing photoshoot! Random: Anna Paquin once went to my primary school in Lower Hutt, New Zealand! (Where I originally grew up.)

FabBlab said...

The silver dress=love.
This is such a stunning photo shoot.
Your blog is adorable!

Jowy said...

That dress is truly beautiful..want it!
Hug back at ya!

One Love,

Bella said...

Ahhh, last night I was completely enthralled in my True Blood marathon-style event. And seeing these images of Anna makes me adore her even more. Amazing shots.


Now I'm heading down to your other posts!

Damsels said...

thanks for taking interest ..
laritza is dominican . and nadia is mexican

Wanderlusting said...

I had the honour of speaking/interviewing Ms. Paquin on the phone for an hour, I also met her on a seperate occasion. LOVE HER! She is SO real and really funny :)