Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh I was moved by your screen dream..

vintage leopard shorts, forever 21 tank, RenegadeLovers lace bra, garter body harness, DIY bodychain, "Danielle" necklace from My Name Necklace, DIY feather earpiece, salamander, zebra and knuckle ring from Amanda, Ebay chinese turquoise ring, Amethyst ring from India & DIY studded garter cuff

  • How is it that when I need my hair to grow, it wont, but when I need it to stay short, after a week it is ready to be shaved again? Maybe I should pay DJ Surf another visit, maybe I could even get him to shave in waves, or a peace sign...?
  • I have been busy working on my Halloween dress which is turning into Project Runway Halloween for me. Maybe I'm being over-ambitious, but Its undeniably good training for my sewing skills. Except I have to make Christine a dress too.. so this might take all month at this rate.
  • As an attempt to learn more about shooting with a DSLR, I have been reading tutorials online, and decided to try my hand at a little black and white shooting. I'm still trying to come up with a way to get my hands on a remote, any ideas? I have an Olympus E-500.
  • The other day the mailman dropped off two packages for me. One was from the lovely Amanda containing a letter written on the most adorable unicorn stationary, Dino foam stickers, which now live on my sewing machine, amazing rings as pictured above, a bracelet, hair clips, a CD and glitter hearts. My boyfriend rolled his eyes as I squealed and Oooh'd and Aaah'd, but y'all know he was secretly jealous that I was getting such a pretty package, and he got our credit card bill. Thank you Amanda, love!!
  • I also received my "Danielle" necklace, courtesy of - courtesy of KB, thanks girl. Totally love it.
  • The body chain I DIYed from chain and enclosures, the body harness is made out of thick black garter, enclosures and rings and the cuff is just studded thick black garter. My makeup is just a Christian Dior gunmetal eyeshadow mixed with some Vaseline and clumsily smudged on my eyelid. Messy, but effective.. for photos that is. Try leaving the house with it and I guarantee you will go from glam love to Courtney Love in no time.
Everyone is anticipating the storm up north so please everyone join in and keep sending your good vibes out to all those who are in need.




PS: How good is Roxy Music? I think Im obsessed with Bryan Ferry's voice.


amanda said...

i love that bracelet so much - i was thiiis close to keeping it except it kept falling off my arm! haha.

the necklace is so pretty & the photos look great :) can't wait to see your halloween dress, i'm intrigued now... i'm so excited for my costume, i'm gonna be a PUMPKIN! oh & i'm glad the rings fit!

Couture Carrie said...

You are so gorgeous, and I just adore these photos! Congrats on your new necklace!


Karencilla said...

Yes! come over for coffee and banana bread. milk and sugar with your coffee?

Dane, you are gorgeous. And honestly i would never do that with my hair, but it suits you perfectly! keep the good posts darling.

daisychain said...

I cannot get over how amazing your hair is.

Bub said...

oh wow ur hair grew really fast. SHAVE IT AGAIN! :)


lisa + cathy said...

i agree hair takes forever to growww.
and its good that your being ambitious. that means you really enjoy and love fashion and someday you'll get a good job with all the talent you have.

sexyinthecity said...

Great photos!!

Kb said...

Love your new hair, and so glad you got your necklace. Hope everything is well.

ninja said...

there r facebook groups already.hopefully a lot of people will get the message :(

what else? the pics are love.pure love my dear

Mads said...

Wow your hair is gorgeous! you pull it off so well.. the hair is the perfect complement to the metals and rings in your outfit!! and oh, your photography is great too..=) as for the remote, I have no idea my sisters are also trying to find one for their camera..

Organic Meatbag said...

Those pictures are badass...nice job!

Charlene Ashley Dy said...

Just found your blog!!! Love it so much!!! You're hair is amazing!!!