Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Dann sind wir Helden..."

[Photo stills taken by me] Christiane F. Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo

Perhaps its my current semi-somber state of mind that drove me to watch this for the Nth time.. but truth is, I will never get sick of watching it, especially while I am impatiently waiting for the book in German to arrive. My boyfriend asked me the other day, why I never smiled in photos as a teenager. Admittedly, I was a really angsty teen. That is likely why I identify with Christiane F. although the things I took my anger out on were nowhere near as crass as what is depicted in the movie. But she never fails to awaken all kinds of questionable emotions I have tried to disguise, and that is a both beautiful and painfully sobering experience.

On CNN today, I saw that the typhoon had hit Vietnam causing major damage and leaving many dead and homeless. In Samoa, a Tsunami hit and caused similar devastation, while in Indonesia, lives were sacrificed due to an earthquake. All the while, in Manila, people are preparing for the next typhoon coming our way, expected to hit the Philippines by Friday as you can see here - all while scrambling to feed and offer shelter to all those who have lost everything in the floods. While channel surfing, I discover that our beloved [-insert sarcasm here-] president is rumored to have spent millions (billions?) of our emergency funds on international travel in the last year or so. If there is some truth to that, then I demand someone go to hell for it.

In an attempt to turn my anger back into sadness and hope, I urge you to donate to any of the Asian countries affected by these unforeseen tragedies, and let us all join in sending our positive vibes and love to all those who are in need.

♥, dane


pensandlens said...

seriously, I am a bit worried...I am feeling this is the end of the world, because of the recent events! Good thing the tsunami warning in Phuket was cancelled, it's like the Tsunami incident is still fresh here. We are covered in dark clouds here in Bangkok and it hasn't stopped raining... :(

kathrynsky said...

love this movie