Sunday, September 27, 2009


I am absolutely heartbroken.

Please help us, Manila is drowning in the worst flood ever recorded, water is already past the second floor level, and many are homeless, stranded, hungry and even dead.

Please, please help us.

You can help by donating to the Red Cross

If you are in Manila and want to help, on twitter please contact


Please pray for us.

Edit: My friend already lost her grandmother and aunt in the floods. Also, pregnant women, elderly people and small children, trapped on the roofs or second floors of their homes without food of water, and surviving on candy [!]. Please donate clothes, sheets, food, drinking water. Ready to eat food is essential! SAVE A LIFE.

UPDATE: The death toll just rose to 240, from yesterdays 140. 32 people are still missing! But the Filipinos are rallying to gather as much food and clothes as possible for the victims, but please, for my international readers, donate to the nearest Philippine consulates and embassies, almost half a million people have lost everything, please please, help. The damages are in BILLIONS. Its heart wrenching.

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Nature Grafitti said...

I've been following coverage of the flood, and my heart goes out to all of those who are stranded and suffering...
I am definitely going to do all that I can to help.

Karencilla said...

my gosh.. this is terrible. manila is in my prayers.

Ms Constantine said...

We're thinking of you all in this horrible time!

daisychain said...

sending all my love and prayers

Wanderlusting said...

I'm sorry Dane. I will pray for you. This is a total shame and it makes me angry that this is not getting enough attention worldwide. I've heard about it on the Canadian news, but not American. This needs to be bigger.

Thanks for raising this!!!!


Dane said...

Youre right, it isnt getting enough attention at all. This is Hurricane Katrina/Tsunami scale. People are dying by the hour and there are houses with dead bodies and nobody to remove them. My friends are out bringing food to victims, unaffiliated with an organization, money for food coming out of their own pockets. They are absolute heroes.

Please spread the word, everyone can help.


geisharock said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh.... Just looking at these pictures gave me goosebumps :( How absolutely horrendous. I wish all the love and hope in the world for those who have been affected and pray that Manila gets the help they desperately need. God bless you Dane for raising this, Lusty is right - there hasn't been enough international press on this issue, I'm going to link you on my blog.

Zara xoxo

geisharock said...

PS. I absolutely love your new hair... what a brave thing to do! It looks hot hot hot xxx

Dane said...

Thanks Z!

Leah said...

Hi Dane! Thanks for dropping by. We're ok. My family was not that affected by the storm because we live in the south of Manila.

I love your blog, another Phil blog that I will definitely follow.

Bren said...

Hi Dane. I've been a reader of your blog months before I moved here to Manila. I just moved here from the states about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I moved to Pasig City. There have been many unfortunate people in the neighborhood I live in especially the houses on the river banks. I'm really amazed how Filipinos can be so strong and are trying to overcome this catastrophe.