Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Enter and rejoice this pedestal where the rainbows hide..

In a daze still, after the kite safari. My sunburn has turned into a bit of a splotchy nightmare.. not unusual for me, the girl with dry and hypersensitive skin. I am gradually switching up all my skin products for the organic variety, alas there is hope for those who struggle with it like I do. So far, the Human Heart Nature organic facial wash, toner and night cream has not triggered any violent outbursts.. and I have dipped into the wonderful world of organic makeup by purchasing samples of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics concealer and foundation. All products are made in the Philippines.. super amazing gift idea too.

Meanwhile, I received the 12 color nail art set I ordered from Ebay and have begun to vandalize the nails on my left hand.. take note, I am right handed so I am forced to stick to one handed nail art.. for now! I was up all night scanning the interweb for more nail art tutorials, so if you know of any good ones, please send them my way!

Lastly, if you haven't seen the movie SPREAD with Ashton Kutcher, you must go out and see it, I am absolutely infatuated with Margarita Levieva who looks like a mix of Shakira, Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo. Some just have it all, hey?


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WildFlower said...

Thats some incredible handi work you got there! Nice choice of rings too, go perfect with the nail art. Man, that nail polish set you got looks like mad fun.
I am craving the beach at the moment. Kite boarding really does look like heaven on earth. You lucky x

Leah said...

Hi Dane! That's a fabulous artwork. I've tried Human Heart Nature too, I really love the lemongrass with brown rice body scrub.

Glad to meet you!


betz said...

wow. your nails are soooo pretty. i wish i know how to do that but unluckily my fine motor skill is not that developed. =) and yeah, i live in nyc. thanks for dropping by my blog.



Jen said...

Gorgeous nails! Your nail polish collection is even bigger than mine!

daisychain said...

Oh I loveeee your nails.

toxic disco boy said...

oooohhh love the Piet Mondrian inspired nails! winner!

Ces said...

so pretty nails. you have a good collection of colors. sorry about your sunburn

Raez said...

wowee! amazing nails, great job;)

xx raez

EO said...

hey! I just stumbled upon your blog and I had to comment... really interesting nail art, very cute =)

check out : http://www.konadnailart.com/ It's basically a stamping set...but for your nails! I picked mine up about a year ago and I haven't looked back since =P

p.s. Your pictures are breathtaking - must be lovely waking up in Boracay everyday!

sharinna said...

greaaat manicures! love em!

Vintage Vixen said...

That must be the first nail art I've ever loved - absolutely amazing. You must have steady hands!

Anonymous said...

hi. nice nails just wanna ask i u cuold also blog local brands apparel coz im looking for a blogger w/c fits to our client.hope u can help me.

Dane said...

Anon - What do you mean blog about local brands? Please email me at mzspanishfly7@yahoo.com x

smalltownchic said...

love love love the nails and rings!

trade links?

Raji said...

Ooohh love the nails, gorgeous! You must have such a steady hand.
Looks amazing.
The rings are lovely too

May Kasahara said...

I love your manicure more than I can even express in a comment ♥

DaMnViXeN said...

wow incredible.. i didnt know one can do that manually and get good results.. clap2