Friday, December 11, 2009

We've crushed everything I can see, in this morning selfishly

Vintage dress, random & DIY jewelry, Heirloom ring & salamander ring, gift from Amanda

I must admit, I was thinking of my Nana when I bought this dress.. maybe its a homage to her disapproval of my taste in fashion, either way, I had to have it. I'm still deciding on whether or not it is going to land on the chopping block for a sleeve removal or perhaps and extreme dress into romper makeover.. so I figured it deserved a post before its execution. Any ideas? How would you alter this dress?

Of course i couldn't help but photograph it unbuttoned.. Its kinda sexy, well of course In a granny kinda way if that's even possible. The shoulder pads are so much fun to play with and the pleats just make me feel extra girly. A nice change considering my current days are predominantly spent in board shorts and wife beaters.

Amidst all the procrastinating I did today, instead of just cleaning my makeup kit, I ended up mixing leftover blush powder with my favorite The Body Shop lip butter (almond & passionfruit ♥).. which makes for the perfect lip balm, cheek tint or highlighter. I love to recycle. What kind of makeup recycling do you do?

XoXo, dane


Raji said...

Lovelyy dress, it is sexy in a granny way but I feel wierd saying that lol
Ohh good make up ideaaa :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Great make-up idea!
The dress has a pretty print and the colour looks great on you - I'd unpick the skirt and wear it as a strapless dress with a vintage belt and lacey leggings. The top could be cut-off below the bust, hemmed and worn as a retro bolero jacket. Sweet granny!

A La Mode said...

Hi! I know you commented on the Bittersweets blog post over at girlalamode and wanted to let you know they're giving away a silver twig eternity ring with diamond! Just comment on the new post to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck sweet! x

Jen said...

Love your dress and the way you've styled it. Too cute.

I can't say I've done any makeup recycling... maybe I'll try though!

daisychain said...

I love the dress and dear god you are gorgeous.

tess stam said...

your ring is so sexy!

Tiffany said...

wow great dress

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Gorgeous dress! love your blog, your pics are inspirational :)

Bub said...

i love the dress dane! especially the fact it has shoulder pads

keep it up

Angel said...

i'll go for the romper if u'd alter it though it looks so pretty already how youve carried it too *torn*

anyhoo dani, me and the boyf going to boracay 26th-3rdjan, i know been there loads times but i dont know still where a good jap food, thai, mexican. need help... thanks

hope bumping into u soon xx

your big reader

cuterthanabutton said...

beautiful long dress and beautiful accessories

Jing said...

you are, as always, pretty Ms. Dane!
your nana will be happy to see you wearing that dress.very stylish.

i super love the nail color. :)

Rachel C. said...

i'd love to see this dress as a romper, but it's cute as ever all on it's own, too.


Honey V said...

You are the ONLY peron in the world who could make THAT dress look sexy. You inspire me. Keep being fabulous. Love you, baby. xoxox

Amber said...

love the necklace!!
xoxo amber