Wednesday, January 13, 2010

But if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy..

wearing vintage puff sleeve blazer, RenegadeLovers bandage skirt, SoulePhenomenon wedges

I came here with some expectations, and looking for something I now believe I wont find here.. why my brain is always like soup, I don't know.. perhaps its the curse of an eternal dreamer.

As a kid, I have always excelled in arts, but I was always told, to pick a different kind of future, so that i wouldn't end up a starving artist.. I must have been about 9 when I was told that, and I never forgot it, forever unsure about my creative talents and always worried about I will survive on it. Such things should never be told to a child, and while now, more than 10 years later, I know that we should all just follow our hearts and do what we love, but sometimes I'm not sure I believe it, still. Life is hard enough the way it is, why do we have to pick a career? I just want to do everything, and nothing.. why do they not teach that in school, because really, they should.

In an effort to distract myself, I finally utilized a very Vivienne Westwood-like piece in the obscure section of my wardrobe.. its half corset, half blazer and has the most ridic monster sleeves.. paired with my wedges and a bandage skirt pretty much the best outfit to lounge around the house in..

Contemplating a new hair color - roots are starting to annoy me.


Denise said...

love the baul table and your top is soooo awesome.

when i was a kid ang daming kontra bida sa akin. hehehe. MAra Clara ang drama. I don't know, pero pag nag ka baby ako ill just let hm/her do what she feels like she should be doing. Kahit magutom pa sya happy naman. hihi.

have a great evening dane.

I am Denise Katipunera

toxic disco boy said...

hindi parin ako maka get over the shoes! ganda! ^^

and yeah... i share the same sentiment but i took the different route. i always loved the arts since i was young but was told not to... now i'm studying computer science and feeling stuck.

daisychain said...

oh those shoes are killing me,
you look incredible

Jen said...

As soon as I saw these photos, I thought 'Vivienne Westwood!'

Love this look. And your waves are so gorgeous.

Allie said...

Stop taking pictures of those shoes because I want them so badly.

Please, for me ♥

Anonymous said...

I love those wedges ! What would you new hair color be ?

Gizelle said...

i've been excelling in arts and painting in elem and highschool too..
but when it came to choosing a college course, i was forbidden to take up fine arts or architecture...
took up computer eng'g instead just to spite my parents..and look where it landed me...i have job that's nowhere near to eng'g...tsk tsk.

i feel u dane!

ps. it's amazing what u wear to just lounge at home..haha!

michelle_ said...

that table there is GORGEOUS !
i love how you pose very much !

thanks for the lovely comments darling.
appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
keep posting up great inspirations..
x. Michelle..
glisters and blisters :D

Sharina said...

Oh my lord, the shoes are to die for! I love them.
And the bandage skirt- you wear it so well! <3
Goodluck with your new hair color!


Gizelle said...

yep, i work in a call center..a team leader...and my agents are my outfit judges..or audience..hehehe. :D

welp dane, don't worry if ur ADD won't allow u to work in a call center..u're better off free! i wish i have ur's just that the call center job pays for my addiction -- clothes and shoes!hehe.

dotie said...

killer wedges and the blouse is to die for <3<3<3

¶ Michelle said...

loving everything about this photo! The color, the environment and especially the outfit! (;

battered couture said...

great combo. you are always bold in that way. I love that.

Anonymous said...

those shoes are divine!
lovely top too ;)



You look so cool girl! These shoes are divine!
I also love Gilda, I need to see it too!!!

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

1. your new banner is ahmazing!

2. i feel ya on the eternal dreamer curse.... sometimes i wish i was born a mathematician so i wouldn't have to deal with finding a career in the arts. BUT! it's what makes us truly content, right? so we must keep pressing on.

3. fucking rad shoes. :)

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Bubu said...

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In love with this looks! :)


I'm freakin IN LOVE with your puffed sleeve blazer! The silhouette, the color, the shape -- HEAVEN.


Katie said...

Hottest outfit ever THE SHOES, THAT TOP!I love the skirt and your nailpolish too you take a fabulous photo darlin' x

Nikki said...

i'm loving this look!i'm curious,how to you get you hair like that? it's so nice!

Dane said...

Nikki - Thanks! This is my natural hair, this is how it looks after two days of no washing it =)