Monday, January 11, 2010

Make hay while the sun shines..

I finally saw Gilda again the other night.. and fell in love with Rita Hayworth all over again. She is absolutely ravishing, overshadowing everyone in the movie with her beauty. It made me think about today's standard of beauty compared to that of then.. and wish I was born in a different era. Her hair is magnificent, her eyebrows drawn to perfection and her wardrobe.. ah don't even get me started. The sharp shoulders and the low necklines, excessive jewelry, drapery and cinched waists are enough to make a girl want to time travel. Oh and the hair......... must have her hair.

If you haven't seen it, you absolutely must.
Thinking about the movie is making me all depressed.. I miss my own little love story.


Eden said...

holy god, the fashion. is. just. jawdropping. must watch! where do you get ze vintage flicks? i do wanna submerge myself in them but dunno where to search for it in cable..

too inspiring!


Gizelle said...

i think im gonna watch this movie..
i was already blown away by breakfast at tiffany's.. what more this movie??? the wardrobe is to die for!!!

Wanderlusting said...

There is a reason that one of my email addresses is Rita_Hayworth @ hotmail dot com :)

I have been obsessed with Rita since 2001.

AND I have a Gilda poster on my wall above my bed :)

And one of my first scripts I ever wrote was inspired by her (and Lady from Shanghai, as well as Gilda).


Jeni said...

don't you jut love vintage movies?! these stills are fantastic and very inspiring. Do you know of a special site that has lots of retro movie stills? If so let me know!

michelle_ said...

i love old movies for inspiration . you have an inpiring blog yourself . i found you through Style Fool's feature girl :D

Dane said...

Eden - I download my movies online..

Lusty - Great minds think alike! I loooooove her.

Jeni - I took these stills myself ;)

ninja said...

i looooove this movie!