Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coals are hot to walk across without your shoes

wearing random cut offs, vintage blouse, SM dept store belt, customized thrifted blazer

So, since I am now walking on asphalt more than sand, I figured I might as well get into the groove of posting more outfits. A quick and hasty last minute setup of the tripod resulted in a mediocre shot of what I am wearing, but I'm too tired to complain. After hours of putting things together for a fashion show on Saturday, I am just glad I finally was able to fill my tummy with something other than a sliced muffin and that I finally got my prepaid Internet thing to work. To anyone out there curious about such services: Globe Tattoo kicks Smartbro's ass. The end.

All the comments about my hair made me giggle.. the truth is, I have awfully damaged hair. The dyeing + sun + saltwater has not done it any good, but I over condition it religiously. Whenever possible, I wash my hair at night and then leave some heavy conditioner on and wash it out when I wake up. I also try to wash my hair only 2x a week.. In between I use baby powder to control greasiness by the roots and I am currently looking for a dry shampoo.

I didn't style my hair much in the previous post - the bangs were blow dried during the cutting and the rest was cut and air dried. But if you have straight locks and want to give it a bit of a wave, slick on some leave in conditioner and put it in a really tight braid for a few hours. French braid if you want big hair.
For today, I ironed my hair close to the roots and left the ends in naturally bouncy waves for a more toned down look ;)

I hope that was somewhat helpful!

For all those in Cebu.. please come out to Ayala for the opening of Active Zone on Saturday at 5pm, I am styling the fashion show and its hosted by Marc Nelson and Mikee Cojuanco.
Lots of love from me and my tired feet! x


CherryBlossom said...

I love your outfit, I wish it was hot enough to wear shorts here, but it's not really sensible to wear shorts in the snow!

Oh, and my hair is awful too, I do an olive oil deep condition once a week and it helps a little.

All the best for your fashion show!

Christine said...

you have the perfect beach hair. :) i love love love what you're wearing especially the blazer. :) i must try that trick to get waves when my hair grows longer! :]

Wanderlusting said...

Your hair sounds like my hair - though looks a HELL of a lot better :)

x0x0 Lusty

Jen said...

Your hair looks in great condition! Love the cut off denim, too - such a classic look with the white shirt.

Denise said...

you're in the city now? yey!

i like the blazer and the ripped shorts combo. You look super cool dane.

talaga? niiwan mo yung conditioner sa buhok mo? is it okay? ako i wash my hair everyday, trice a week lang conditioner cos i have very oily scalp. Go to The FAce Shop, marami silang choices for shampoo there. You might find one that will work for you.

I am Denise Katipunera

M. said...

love your outfit, I wish I could be in shorts right now!

lovelove, M.

Gizelle said...

waaah! i think we have the same prob...i'm worried about my damaged hair...i used to not shampoo everyday (cuz i'm also lazy with shampooing) and apply conditioner (even leave on) everyday but if i don't shampoo, i get pimples...tsk tsk.

i'll try to drop by ayala on saturday..but i'm usually asleep at that time coming from my shift...hope to bump into you here though!

Allie said...

Wish I could see the show! &hearts:

I use Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo, smells lemony fresh!

Angel said...

miss dani, u staying up until sinulog?! hope u'll stay longer in cebu and expose more of the renegadelovers...btw errrr is the event done? was out of the city, if its done :( feel bad not seeing it

Noelle Chantal said...

glad you're back Dane. love the customized thrifted blazer. and yes, i do love your hair! i have slightly dry hair too. so my mom massage my hair with coconut oil twice a week. will try your hair treatment tips too. :)

thanks for sharing Dane!

K8 said...

cute outfit...lucky you having shorts wearing weather. Love the blog!

Fashion X K8.blogspot

Bub said...

hope u had a good trip. love the outfit (as usual)
happy new years! btw i love your feather crown you created :)

The F Word Online said...

hey dane, thanks for the sweet comment. oh don't even worry about it ! whenever your blog is finished being constructed is totally cool, def not in a hurry. im just glad you still stop by : ) i love this outfit ps. denim cut off shorts are one of my faves. definitely a great piece to have

xx lue