Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever

wearing a Twinkle Ferraren beaded bikini, vintage babydoll dress

Turning 26 last Saturday was a hoot. We started with drinks the night before.. lots of drinks.. and on the day of we headed out to a secret spot for a little picnic. Everyone brought something to contribute to the already large amount of food and drinks, and as soon as we were done setting up, we just sat and ate and talked and laughed. It was exactly as I had hoped it would be. The sunset was breathtaking and by sunset we were rolling around hysterically laughing and playing silly drinking games in the dark. I could not have planned it better, it was absolutely perfect and everything I wanted.

Thank you to those who made it happen, especially my partners in crime, Paula and Matet.. and our respective partners. You rock my socks.

  • I received an email from, which is Paris Vogue's online equivalent, and was asked to answer some questions for a possible inclusion in one of their articles. I mean, Paris Vogue! That made my day like you cant even imagine.
  • I have spent quite a bit of time at my friend's spa, you have to check it out if you are here for the summer, I just had the best facial I have ever had there, and they managed to make my feet look umm, normal again. That is never an easy task. Go check out Body & Sole on the Boracay Main Road, across the street from Allied Bank.
  • In an effort to take advantage of the last wind before summer truly hits, I have spent more time in the water kiteboarding. I have had some bad crashes, but they were nothing compared to what happened to me yesterday.. I crashed my bike. Now I have a banged up and bruised knee and my elbow isn't looking too happy either. This now means I have to stay out of the water for a while, which suits me just fine, because I can barely even get out of bed.
  • Mars leaves for Egypt in May and we are moving shortly before that so there are heaps of things to prepare for.. I'm stressed and excited at the same time, and also really sad about me not seeing him for 4 months..
I will hopefully resume my blogging duties again soon, but for now here are the photos from my 26th♥; "Trust me Its Paradise" clearly still applies..

Big kiss! ♥


Denise said...

happy 26th dane. Awesome party! and always love your hair. One day ill shave my hair too.

wow! Vogue Fr is the vogue-st of them all. Congrats dane!

I am Denise Katipunera

battered couture said...

happy 26 girl. looks like it's paradise allright. hope it gets better and better each year. love your hair. absolutely love your hair.

Toni said...

belated happy candle cakes day, dane! you and your girls are so sun-kissed.. love the tan!

wow VOGUE! congratulations!

Jing said...

happy birthday, Ms. Dane!
congrats sa VOGUE

CherryBlossom said...

I love your hair! And you're so lucky to be where you are, it's been raining non stop here for the past three days.

Oh and awesome about Vogue!

Mousevox Vintage said...

Vogue Paris! You are awesome, girl! xo

Allie said...

Holy shit, Vogue France?! Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You're my idol.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

got the same e-mail from them too!
and i don't know how to answer the questions...LOL!

happy birthday dane!
do let eden know if you're back in the city so we can a blogger meet-up.

ps. the photos of you and the girls at the beach could pass-up for 'roxy' cool!

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inkarlcerating said...

U INSPIRE ME to be more free spirited!! you are love!

Ces said...

happy 26th! congratulations about the Vogue interview! wow! great pictures. it's really paradise.

bestie said...

Belated Happy Birthday, gorgeous. Apparently we celebrate back-to-back birthdays. (:

Your photos are LOVE. I can't get over that beautiful sunset. I gotta have a taste of your yummy-looking cupcakes!

Coconuts and Coppertone said...

your photos always make my day... i miss the sunshine on my face...
happy happy birthday btw:)

HoneyBunny said...

Happy birthday dear! Love all the photos, looks like you've had so much fun!:)

Vicki said...

hey my dear!! i got the email from Vogue fr too!!! :) so excited fingers crossed they use my answers!!! ps its my bday on monday 26 too!!
vicki xo

Karencilla said...

Dani! i am glad you had a great birthday and wow Paris Vogue?! OMG!!! Awesome.

Hey I tagged you with this award check here:

geisharock said...

Happy 26th dane! Amazing pictures. I need that cupcake recipe! I am so super JEALOUS of where you live... You don't understand how long its been since I've seen sunshine, haha.


Iris said...

Beautiful sunset,