Saturday, March 20, 2010

They found you back in the river where hardly no one goes

[ Photo Source - ilovewildfox ]

Josefin Hedstrom is so beautiful its no wonder even the people over at ilovewildfox are obsessed with her.. These photos are all I want my summer to be.
Dreamy, unbridled and breathtaking.

With summer approaching, Its becoming more and more difficult to function. The heat combined with the usual stress of trying to find the light at the end of a sea of tourists is driving me up the wall. Not to mention the jellyfish attack that rendered me useless, itchy and scared to go in the water.. and it really doesn't help that life itself has been nothing but an accelerating rollercoaster ride. This of course leaves me with no other choice but to fasten my seatbelt and throw my hands up in the air and enjoy this crazy ride anyway.

If it is cold where you are, I am sending my most scorching hugs your way! ♥


daisychain said...

Oh shit these photos are amazing.

I'll gladly take the heat off your hands.


geisharock said...

love this editorial... it's so you. yeah needing some heat over here! also.... HOW DID YOU MAKE THE RAINBOW RED VELVET CUPCAKES??? pleeeasse email me the recipe? and how you did it rainbowy? i literally squeaked when i saw the picture xxxx