Saturday, March 13, 2010

The spider sparkle lights the way ahead

Vintage zebra bodysuit, RenegadeLovers bandage skirt, custom made bowtie worn as headband

The summer is almost here.. tic toc tic toc. The drought has been incredibly draining.. we need some rain! Yesterday I spent some time floating on an inflatable bad, soaking up the sun and cooling off with some beers. How else are we expected to survive the sweltering heat?!

Its so hot I cant bring myself to do any work beyond answering messages about RenegadeLovers.
Its so hot I still haven't finished editing the KTA party photos.. so for now, here are a few snapshots of my "costume". I didn't have any gold for the golden stripper party, so I figured a zebra bodysuit and a black ultra mini skirt would be skanky enough. Oh and another reason why editing has been taking forever is because I am still contemplating which of the drunken obscenities caught on camera are appropriate for a blog entitled "Trust me, its paradise."

P.S. I'm watching the Pacquiao-Clottey fight and I'm bored to death..


being miss east said...

hahaha good. i thought i was the only one who got bored watching the pacquiao fight.
i love your bodysuit.
enjoy the rest of your sunday, ms spanishfly. ;()

thetragicallychic said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! u look awesome! love love bandage skirts :) they go with everything

Marie said...

Summer? WHERE?! We have snow here. And I think it's going to stick around for .. another month or two? Bah.

Pretty outfit!

daisychain said...

amazing outfit. end of story.


Girl_with_the_Mask said...

You look really great!

And by the way, summer in Austria is on vacation way tooooo enjoy the heat ;)

xx Emily

Glam Girl said...

U look great! I love your look and jellewery! Nice blog!

Overdressed Me said...

love the body suit! zebra print goes well with the black & white photo. and it looks like you had loads of fun in that party.

Allie said...

LOL have you heard Pacquiao sing? I'm so curious, but don't want to YouTube.

cherie said...

i love the zebra bodysuit. the party looks fun and you look chic in your outfit

StyleAnywhere said...

you are in vogue too! yay! congrats!