Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shop RenegadeLovers!

Hello children, the shop is back in business! This month is free shipping month [within the Philippines] because it is also my birthday month which makes me much happier in March. I am open to questions, suggestions, requests.. keep them coming. If I stay focused and don't let the Holy Week madness take over my life, we should be adding some bags to the collection soon.

Dresses are also available here in Boracay at KiteAsia, which is located in D'Mall. Just look for the coolest store on the strip with the colorful Billabong bikinis on display ;)

I will be buying more of the fabrics next week so if you like a specific fabric in another design, email me and I will see what I can do for you. Also, how do you feel about me adding some of the two toned wayfarers to the shop? They are going to be included in my summer beach essentials post.. soon!

Now I'm going to get some much deserved sleep, Ive been running on coffee all day and so tomorrow I will hopefully wake up at 7am, change into a bikini and bike to kite beach for a little kite session because I missed out on the wind today.. Oh and PS don't forget to check out the RenegadeLovers page on Facebook.



toxic disco boy said...

saw the looks on ur previous post. GANDA! summer is here na! ^^

daisychain said...

you have no idea how gutted I am that I am broke right now.

being miss east said...

yay! i love the shades! please please include some ;()

Allie said...


Wanderlusting said...

YAY DANE! Super excited, gonna take a looksy now but the glasses sound fabooooo!

Lusty xx00

itsmeerika said...

love the blog! and your anais nin quote.... pls follow mine too

May Kasahara said...

I love you and your life.