Monday, March 8, 2010


A certain flower grows,
and blossoms every hour in my dreaming.
In the throes of darkness I behold you,
gleaming and transforming,
and I hold you in my hands like water,
streaming through my fingers,
soaring, storming through my veins,
never groping for what ought not to be
tamed by mortal man.
Then I slept beneath your skin
and ran far away from worlds of human binding.
I'm finding in your absence empty days
of endless hours of empty thoughts
and endless sorrows,
and the morrow gives no hint of rain.
The sun - so destitute of heat -
seems resolute to see me fall
forever into sleep.

Anno Birkin, Summer 2000

Finally found time to finish editing the photos.. the dresses will be up in the shop soon and also online if time permits for me to shoot them again.. for now I'm just glad that it looks like tomorrow I will finally get some time in the water again. My mind is buzzing with ideas and I'm starting to get excited about the summer - are you? I am slowly catching up on everyone's blogs.. especially if you have commented recently. Waah, I'm way behind.

I wanted the lookbook to have a very emotional feel to it, pensive on an almost tortured level, depicting how I have been feeling in real life. My 20's are turning out to be such a rolleroaster ride, and while I accept all trials along with the rewards, I figured it cant be a bad idea to use that raw and unbridled energy and channel it into inspiration. I have been reading a lot of poetry lately and finding solace in the words of complete strangers, thus bringing me to the poem that decided the title of this series of dresses, all dreamy and new romantic with a hint of gypsy. Anno Birkin, oh how I love thee.


Mode Junkie said...

dane, this is awesome. love the clothes, the lighting and the model of course. you nailed it.


being miss east said...

lovely photos. you look sad and lovely and calm all at the same time.

hugs hugs

Allie said...


Couture Carrie said...

Such gorgeous dresses!


Karencilla said...

OH my goodness... everything is beautiful. you look gorgeous and those dresses !!! you just took my breath away!!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

lovin' the first dress...
and the animal print. :D

congrats on the METRO feature by the way..

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Bub said...

wow these are amazing dane! ♥

Angel said...

i literally dropped me jaw... this is gorgeous dani! oh my oh my... i love the last photo the see thru thing, your curves shown in a sexy way behind the dress! keep making beautiful stuff!

kiakiakiakia said...

DOPE love all of the dress especially the last one. You look great on those pics :)

cherie said...

amazing photos and all the dresses are beautiful. perfect for summer :D

Toni said...

i love the last two dresses! they're gorgeous ;)

daisychain said...

seriously incredible Dane x

Kookie B. said...

love the photos! the lighting is really beautiful. love the dresses too. how much would you be selling these babies?

Mousevox Vintage said...

these are gorgeous! you should feel so proud. xo

Jen said...

Auch utterly gorgeous dresses. I love them so very much!

Hope you're feeling a little more peaceful.

Isa said...

so much beauty here!
the dresses and the mood of the pictures are amazing, I see myself putting on one of these lightweight robes and frolicking on a summernight's lawn.

thank you as well for your comment on the Bohemian Musings, it's just sad that after sharing a part of my life, everything some people have to say concerns my weight.
it's a mad world sometimes.


kookie kulasa said...

one wordy: lovely :)

thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way :)

bestie said...

Woah this is absolutely stunning! The photos are <333. I want every single thing in this collection! Especially the zebra/floral print. Gah!

allthatglitters said...

Thank you for your comment. I adore the second dress. WOOOOWWWW!!!

Nina said...

Dane! You are so rock n'roll chic!

projectvee said...

thanks for stopping by! i'm loving your blog. these photos are absolutely gorgeous. lets follow each other? :)

Kelly said...

I love all the dresses. But I love the paisley long sleeved dress most!! Keep up the lovely work!

Love your blog.


The Petite Blogger said...

wow i love the maxi dresses!!!! and the pictures are gorgeous!!!

xoxo jenna

The Owl's Closet said...

these dresses are gorgeous and the entire editorial is just beautiful! thanks again for dropping by my blog:)

Faridah said...

Gorgeous photographs!

philou. said...

these are indeed breathtaking photographs. cheers, philou.

May Kasahara said...


KD faustino said...

your blog is the most amazing blog in the philippines to date. i think you are amazing. btw, you live in bora?


Thyda said...

Lovely! I love the dresses!


Oh my god, this is so cool!
i need to find maxi dress for me too... :)