Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm a hitchhiker you'll recognize passing on your way to some everlasting

old cut up tee, thrifted DIY cut offs, RenegadeLovers Malong bag

Nothing worse than sitting in the dark trying to enjoy a full moon despite the black out and then having a random motorbike rider park next to you with his neon lights while playing nightmarish songs from the 90's a.k.a. The Vengaboys.. especially when you're under the influence. Some people should just not be allowed to make a record. Period. Thank god for my man being there to hold my hand and the rest of the crew making me laugh and dance like a fool afterwards..

I made this bag because I was craving for something tribal and ethnic.. I love it so much I think Im going to make more for the next collection. Its soft and quilted and is perfect for my DSLR. [I ended up shortening the strap a little..] Its mad love.

In other news.. right now I really really miss my boyfriend


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! I've never been to a full moon party :s the light writing is just awesome! what did you use, Dane? mini flashlight? my sister's so envious right now. haha!

cute tribal bag you have there ;)


ediot said...

hi hello! such wonderful photos! i loved these- looks like you had a great time! wish i was there too
have a nice week!

xx ediot

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

LOL. venga boys??? omg, i'm having LSS..."the venga boys is coming..." hahaha!

love the shirt..i think my sis should have that. she's full of drama..and the tribal bag is cool too.

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inkarlcerating said...

i adore yer naturally curly hair. and yer naturally free-spirited life

red | hongyi said...

u're beautiful! :D

love the photos, looks like everyone's having loads of fun. the light trail thing (dunno what u call them?) makes them look artistic too...

and oh, u've got a mad header!


Karencilla said...

so COOL.
You guys are such a nice couple! arghhh i want a boyfriend!! sniff sniff. Hope your prince gets back soon =)

KD faustino said...

you're friends with kate? small world! btw, love the "no more drama" shirt

cherie said...

the light writing is so cool and judgiing from the pictures, the party was fun :)

dotie said...

yikes! indeed the sound of Vengaboys scares me :)
love those pics..the light writing is amazing <3<3

eclectic du jour


Great pics!!!

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

You always have such fun pictures! How awesome is it that you actually live in Boracay?! :)


lasophia said...

Wow Dane the light scribe is so sick. How did u do it?

Dane said...

The scribe was done with a flashlight and a slow shutter speed :)