Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wish I could sing no regrets and no emotional debts 'cause as we kiss goodbye the sun sets

Mango cut-offs, Terranova striped tank, Hanes bra, thrifted plaid shirt, baguio markets knee highs & vintage boots

The email response I got from my last post was mind blowing. To all those who thanked me, THANK YOU ♥. Its good to know that no matter what I attempt to do in life, I have people who are going through the same thing. Ive learned so much from the people around me that I always find it my duty to share. I had a little catch-up talk with my girl Eden earlier and we both discussed how some people cling on to too much guilt and regret. Isn't regret just the refusal to let go? They say: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." Life is short, etc etc.. shouldn't we enjoy it? I regret things all the time, every day probably.. but hanging on to these things that could ultimately destroy me, its not my cup of tea. Stop regretting, forgive yourself.. move on. Live another day. Regret some more. And get over that too..

I wasn't going to wear knee highs but considering that I got sick days later with a massive fever, that probably saved me from catching my death. The weather has been as erratic as my mood swings, but at least its entertaining my inner schizo. A consolation nonetheless. The world cup is finally over, Germany made 3rd, Spain won la Copa and the world continues to turn on its axis.. while my liver takes a short break from the abuse. I had already had a couple of scotch's when I picked this outfit.. if that might explain everything. In retrospect, I now know that plaid, argyle and stripes can work together. At least in my mind, that's true ;)


inkarlcerating said...

love this so much
i wish i was a girl chos haha
mwah d!

Miranda said...

woooow love, love the mix of chess patterns!! :)

love from Portugal

Toni said...

love those socks! great outfit, Dane! :)

toni peerfumedredshoes.blogspot.com

Kookie B. said...

le boots, le bag!!! awesome! is the bag a DIY?


Hannah Bacalla said...

Gorgeous ♥

Michie said...

You really have a knock in dressing up! :)

Philip the Fashion Shooter said...

drooling over your bag. alexander wang-ish. where did you get them?