Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now it's all in your hands and it feels so beautiful

[All photos taken with my disposable film camera ♥]

It must be the schizophrenic in me, but I am starting to love my developing routine here.. and at the same time, I cant help but miss my humble little life on the island Ive come to love. There is just something bewitching about running barefoot and sun kissed skin that I will probably never get over. The clock is ticking and soon my life will take a different turn.. planes will land and I will have the much anticipated kitchen Ive been asking for. Ive been having quite the meaningful conversations with those around me, each of them yielding a different weapon of truth, each of them making as much sense as the other. In your 20's its just unavoidable to feel lost, forced by society to adapt to grotesque and antiquated social standards. At the end of the day, nobody can make these decisions for you, and the results can sometimes be excruciating. We all need to grow up someday and stand by our choices, no matter how ridiculous they may be to others - if its in your heart, its in your soul. Risk it. And if we fall flat on our faces, then learn the lesson and get on with the program. The most important thing about it all, is that you had the guts to try, come what may.

Everything else is completely insignificant.


Eden said...

how you worded everything is as beautiful as you are inside and out. i <3 you, thanks for everything:)


Melissa said...

Thank you for this post :)

... said...

I love this post so much, I'm going to be quoting you for sure <3

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i can even explain how much i agree with what you wrote...your words are beautiful dane.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Melai said...

True. :) We decide for ourselves. It's our lives anyway. And I believe that when you live life by following the rules, you will always limit your sky. Sky isn't the limit because there is no sky when we make decisions, when we reach for our goals, when we live life to the fullest.

I envy that you have the time to go to the beach. ;) Love your blog here. You gained a new follower now. Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

Everyone has said it all. My eyes literally popped and my heart raced sooo fast on the news. I've been a reader all this time and this is craaaazy. I wish everyone could just have a share of those prizes but no... winner takes it all. Hahaha. I want to win like everyone else!!! Sooooo crazy. After reading this, I wouldn't be able to sleep. Hahaha.

Ms. C, I know you are well-sponsored and very, very famous already but I never expected you to give away such prizes! I think you can live and get by without having to spend too much because of those sponsors! Eeeek! I'll go for the gold. I wish my blog will also reach this kind of status. Bwahaha. More power to you :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Wanderlusting said...

Risks are everything... you never get anywhere or learn anything if you don't take them.

PS you are really inspiring me to get a disposable camera later... I love the surprise with development

Lynzy said...

Just found your blog, I LOVE IT<3 I am now your newest followers!
Follow me?

xo Lynzy

Karencilla said...

Thank you for your post. So true. I think many of us can feel identified with these feelings, it's part of growing up and becoming the persons we are.
I agree, you win you loose, what matters is to play the game.

Christine said...

What a moving post. I have no words to say but I feel kind of the same. Just what I needed to clear my mind off some ridiculous thoughts running in my head right now.

Amazing photos btw :)

<3 Christine

Anonymous said...


Honey V said...

The trick is to be fearless. There is NOTHING scary in this world, nothing that you cannot overcome, or deal with. You KNOW how powerful you are. Revel in it. <3

Allie said...

If anyone has given me advice about following your own heart, not being afraid to make mistakes, and living your own dream and destiny, it's you and your blog! You will certainly do the right thing that's right for you and your happiness and sanity :)


Kookie B. said...

beautiful, truthful words such as these hit the spot so well. goodluck and God bless always.

Hannah Bacalla said...

Just found your blog!♥ Lovely shots! :)

The Ram said...

disposable film rules all <3