Monday, October 11, 2010

They say that girl ya know she act too tough tough tough

wearing DIY bleached denim cutoffs, Zara tee, BF ruins neon wayfarers, RenegadeLovers Ma-long bag

What an insane week! I'm still dizzy from the overwhelming liquor flood (4pm Patron hots), the city sunrise, hours of rush hour shopping (while handcuffed to someone) and insane sleep deprivation.. the last 5 nights were just what I needed. Thank god I dressed comfortably every night I was out, boots & jeans are just a better option for running around the city after a few drinks - much easier to navigate than in stilettos and party dresses. Physically, my body is crying out for a self imposed liquor ban, but mentally the excess everything is what took care of my mental reset. Just keep the Patron away from me, please!

I seem to be spending so much time at the domestic airport, the guards already greet me by my first name. Weird. No wonder I'm always so broke.. what once was my shoe allowance turned into bikini allowance and now into my travel funds. Time to stay home and enjoy my new place! I'm staying put. Basta.

On the day of hangover #1 (out of 4) I somehow managed to find my way to the mall to meet my Ingrid and her hubby, and allowed them to stuff me full of steak, in order to get my brain going.. but it was really the food court beer that saved my life and revived my two brain cells. Clearly the old, curb hugging, squat popping, canned beer guzzling, cigarette hanging out of the corner of my mouth city slicker still lives deep inside of me.. Also, who knew you could spend so much money on buying things for a small bedroom? I never thought buying wire hangers, pillows, tupperwares and dish racks could be so much fun..


dred said...

i love your shorts!

and yes, traveling is so much fun. :)

missy s said...

you have such beautiful photos. yes im trusting you, its really paradise! :D haha anyway, i love the diy shorts! to die for! :)


daisychain said...


Kookie B. said...

looove the shorts! nice DIY job!

are you going to be settling here in Manila?

Allie said...

Patron shots are welcome at all hours of the day ♥

BTW, I've transferred blogs!

KD faustino said...

loving this outfit even with the flip flops!

stacey kelly said...

i need to try being comfy while i party.. it sounds like u have more fun that way! and kudos for choosing travel over shoes--the experiences are always worth it :)


The Big Bangs Theory said...

I love the outfit! It's so simple yet fashionable! I love lose shirts paired with shorts! And I love your shorts! Great DIY job! :)

<3 Camille

elfemme said...

nice shorts! :)

ellenreviews said...

new here. doing blog walking. :)

I loooovvee yer shorts! :) ♥