Sunday, December 26, 2010

Todos los dias son dias de fiesta

1. Shopping with Mom ♥
2. Red Velvet cupcakes for my family.
3. Goofing off with my sister's fur hat & my Santa shirt.
4. Sitting around the fire in the evening is the best way to survive the cold.
5. One of our cats, Gizmo. He has a permanent glare which makes him even more adorable.
6. Christmas cookies baked by my baby brother.
7. My little sister Sabrina and I wearing all Mom's vintage, except for my maxi skirt, which is RenegadeLovers.

Christmas back at home has turned out to be all I could have asked for. So far, its been loud conversations at the dining table, massive trips to the supermarket (feeding 6 kids is no cheap feat), inter-sister clothes swappings, mouthfuls of Jamon Serrano, watching my baby brother Bully rip it on the wii with the Michael Jackson game, yogurt overdoses, reunions with high school friends after 10 (!) years and realizing the difference between the Manila & Marbella clubscene. In two days time my sister Liv arrives from the UK with her family.. adding to the beautiful chaos we already have at home. And If I was informed correctly, there is a table and quite a bit of booze waiting for us on New Years Eve.. guess its good I started stretching my drinking muscle last night. Now all I have to worry about is what to wear.. and how to survive my predictable (and traditional) January 1st hangover.

Happy Holidaze!!!


Bren said...

It's great to hear you are in the company of your loved family. Have a great holiday and ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

daisychain said...

Woah, you and your Mum are both utterly gorgeous xox

lasophia said...

Vamos a jugar en el sol! I love that song. But I love more how you used it for the holidaze. jaja. It worked! You have such a globe trotting life, must be fun. All the best,

Bub said...

Hsppy Holidays Dane! Gorgeous runs in the family for sure! Enjoy the new year


Allie said...

You and your mom look like sisters!


Belated happy holiday! I hope it was a very happy one for you. xo.

GlimmerGlam said...

Love your pictures, and the tree look beautiful..

Where are you from?? I live in spain the next year :)


Raji said...

Great pictures
Your holidays sound just adorable
Merry Christmas!