Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am neither breather nor speaker, I am neither walker nor sleeper

wearing thrifted cut-offs, random belt, Forever21 ribbed tights, gray tank & scarf, Zara blazer

Its kinda fun to have a little sister who is so close to my size. We have been clothes swapping since I arrived.. makes my fashion a little more exciting, having a new wardrobe to raid. We went to Puerto Banus to meet my brother and then proceeded to the department store where Mom and I did what we do so well these days.. shop for groceries. On the way, she played paparazzi, much to my delight and to my sisters annoyance.. haha. She ended up buying me a cute coat and lots and lots of Jamon Serrano.. dieting has just not been on the agenda. Im psyched for the sale season and making a little list of who to buy for.. its gonna get pretty hard core once everything gets slashed. Im gonna bust out the flats and dive into the madness headfirst. Looks like the camera is gonna have to wait.. I have some serious clothes shopping to do.

A few nights ago, I went out to meet some of my schoolmates who I have not seen in 10 (!) years. I dont know how it is possible, but the entire night I just felt like I was back at 16, because not much has changed. Everyone is still as chill as I remember them.. and picking up where we left off was one of the most gratifying and surreal experiences ever. We ended up at a club in a slight vodka haze, where I got my dance on.. all in all, a pretty perfect week back home, exceeding expectations by a mile. Yay, Marbella.



MHM said...

Your style kicks ass in this post! Is that guy in the 2nd and 3rd pic your brother?! (My god, he is ridiculously good-looking)

MHM said...

Your style kicks ass in this post! Is that your bro in the second and third pics? (My god, he is ridiculously good-looking)

Allie said...

I love that you can go from the PI straight to Europe and not miss a style beat. Damn. Have a good new year's girl! ♥

Bub said...

Looks like your having a blast Dane dear! Happy new year!!

One Love,

ediot said...

hi darling! such great shots. makes me long for summer and sun.
hope you're having a wonderful week dear
happy HAPPY NEW year


Dane said...

MHM - Yes, thats my brother :)