Saturday, January 1, 2011

So we burst into colors, colors and carousels

wearing vintage dress, bag & shoes, forever 21 opaque tights, scarf & hat, thrifted pin-stripe blazer

Im way behind on posts.. these are from last week when I went ice skating with my family. I laughed so much until I was dizzy.. My little brother has zero balance, and my little sister and I were trying desperately to keep him on his feet, which was futile. He was clinging onto the sides and insisted on trying anyway until he was able to stand on his own - for like 3 seconds. You have to give him props for trying!

Today is 1/1/11.. what a date! Last night's party was insanity. Wait for the photos in the next post.. to make the story short, we had a 6 and a 3 liter bottle of Belvedere & a few bottles of champagne. My hangover should have been pretty harsh considering how much of the champagne I practically inhaled.. but we came home to my Mom making us breakfast while the sun was rising & ended up discussing the night's events in details and giggling at the most random stories before I headed to bed almost completely sober but exhausted - hence; zero hangover. Yessss.


Roan said...

Ah, after your heartache, it's good to know you're home and happy!

Shilpi said...

I love your shoes! They're super cute



kiakiakiakia said...

Happy new year!

daisychain said...

Happy New Year beautiful x

Abby said...

still looking hot as little lady!

I'm sorry I haven't visited in so long, have added your link to my bloglovin so I can follow you more efficiently!!