Sunday, January 9, 2011

How selfish of you to believe in the meaning of all the bad dreaming

wearing Forever 21 jeans, New Yorker bodysuit, DIY cross necklace, bag, jacket & boots stolen from Mom & Sis ♥

Dinner with the entire gang means watching the littlest ones run around barefoot in the sand at what was an average of 15 degrees, borderline embarrassingly exaggerated movements in front of the camera to satisfy a click-happy Mom, choice encounters with seemingly alcoholic (or bavarian) giant penguins, the discovery that frog, after all, really does taste like chicken and that a greasy chinese meal is best followed by an aperitif like a limoncello or a sambuca with floating coffee beans.

Its past my bedtime and after a whopper of a homemade steak meal, my sheets are so soft they are turning even my braincells to mush. With the way I'm eating, I can only hope my holiday weight gain will stay at 0.8kg.. honestly, doubtful.


Reg said...

everyone does say it tastes just like chicken - i'll just take your word for it. :) cool red pants!


Abby said...

ohhh super love the last photo with the black and white and splashes of red!!


daisychain said...

You and red are the perfect match x

kiakiakiakia said...

Where was this taken?
love the outfit btw :)

Thekla said...

loving the last photo<3 check it out if you want:)posted 2 new outfits few hours ago:)xxx said...

wow that last photo is spectacular!

I LOVE your red pants



ediot said...

love these photos. esp. that last one, you look amaZIng.
hope you're having a wonderful week

Dane said...

Kia - Marbella, Spain :)