Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rrrrrrebajasssss, yes!

I've come to hate shopping for myself.. hooked on vintage shops, any kind of standard retail shopping has become a little too self indulgent for me. "But it is an exception." my Mom insists.. of course she is right. So under her encouragingly watchful eye, my sister and I proceeded to do a bit of damage during the post Christmas sales. First stop was H&M.. the rest was a blur. All I know is, I ended up with some pretty loose tanks, a hat & the perfect daytime leopard wedges from H&M, my new favorite pair of black chunky heels & studded bag from ZARA, maxi dresses & a wallet from TopShop, a warm scarf & gloves for next week's trip to chilly Sweden, a Tokidoki makeup bag and finally, an eyelash curler. (You must know that I have a lash-curl-phobia, since I chopped off my lashes with a shitty one, months ago) Sephora to the rescue? And those mini perfume sprays make for great gifts for my 1000 girlfriends.

More enjoyable that shopping for myself, is shopping for gifts.. its like the best thing in the world. My only problem is, I dont know how to stop.. leading me to spending almost half of what went out the window yesterday, on others.

Best purchase? Penguin socks from TopShop. Uh... I'll explain another time! hahha ♥


daisychain said...

Those penguin socks are AMAZING. No explanation needed!

Caroline said...

aahahaa, i didn't know you knew anyone in Sweden? I´m from sweden and i read your blog all the time :) where in sweden are you going? hope you enjoy your stay anyway, even though it´s kind of a sucky time of year to visit sweden ;P
<3 Caroline

Honey V said...

Island internet is CRAP, as usual, so I can't see any of the pics here as they simply don't download, but I'm loving reading and keeping up with your adventures. What an IMPORTANT, WONDERFUL trip this is turning out to be! YAY YAY YAY!!! <3

Hazel said...

Those are amazing stuff you got! especially the two pair of shoes <3 absolutely love them!!! And yeah, that socks rock!!! I wonder what's the story behind it LOL hahaha

xoxo hazel

ROS said...

Leopard print shoes. Must. Have.
Haha and I agree with the above poster, the socks are amazing

Hannie said...

Amazing stuff! That penguin socks are super cute (:
xoxo from Hannie

Abby said...

hahaha penguin socks= amazing.

I love penguins, they are rad. especially when they wear rubber gloves on their heads and pretend to be chickens.


Big Bangs Theory said...

Loving your new stuff! :)

<3 Camille

Raspberry Jam said...

hi hi,

thank you for the comment!

Im half german and half thai :)