Sunday, January 16, 2011

So you act, so you feel, so you are..

wearing TopShop shorts, Forever 21 opaque tights, baguio markets leg warmers, Zara boots, RenegadeLovers Ma-long bag

Im way behind on the posting, but I just have so many photos to post.. and no time to do so! These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when my Mom and I decided to go to downtown Marbella and do a little shopping. The sunset was awesome and we ended up (as usual) at a supermarket. My new favorite past time is grocery shopping.. mainly because of the ridiculous amount of yogurt choices and the taste testings at the deli counter.

In 4 days I will be home and Im excited to see some people I have missed like crazy.. but for now I am in Sweden, sliding on icy roads, getting drunk on Bacardi Razz, disco dancing in a maxi dress, riding in cars with boys, standing in a massing McDonalds line at 3am, mac-n-cheese hangover remedies & vegging out in front of the TV wrapped in a fur blanket. Tomorrow we head down to Stockholm for a little shopping and to maybe build some snowmen and name them after boys.

Thanks for the emails & shopping tips for Sweden. Will make sure to check out Monki & Weekday ♥


ediot said...

such great photos. i LOVE them
thanks so much for sharing.
ah yes. it's so icy here. i don't like it one bit. are you in sthlm btw?

Shilpi said...

Aaagh glad you're having fun in Sweden, based off the mac-n-cheese hangover remedies and the Bacardi Razz it sounds like you're having a blast!



Dane said...

Ediot - I am in Storvik right now.. will drive down to Stockholm tomorrow for some shopping :)

Allie said...

Love ya lady ♥
That's all.

Abby said...

So many adventures! Such cute photos lady.


Caroline said...

p.s. just remembered another store I like in Sweden; bikbok. check it out!


Bub said...

Yea Monki is a great place to go shopping! These photos are gorgeous Dane. Sounds like you are having such a blast on your holiday

One Love,

pauline said...

loving your holiday posts! keep them coming :) your photos make me miss europe so much. i was just there last term for exchange. I LOVE THEIR YOGHURT SELECTION TOO :))

being miss east said...

hi, dane ^^

ijust gave you the stylish blogger award:


Raji said...

These photos are beautiful
Sweden sounds fun, hope you have a lovely time

▲ T Linh ▲ said...

wow your photos are amaziiiing!