Monday, January 24, 2011

Time runs a marathon, I need to carry on like every day's my last..

wearing random denim cut offs, thrifted knit assymetrical pocket tee, Zara studded bucket bag,+ boots, Republ1c tortoise round sunnies

Sunny winter days in the south of Spain mean bare legs - well, only while the sun is out. By 7pm I was freezing my buns off. But ultimately it was worth the extra airtime my skin got, I'm so not used to being so bundled up. We walked around Fuengirola, hit a Dunnes store (fave bargain shop), ate German sausages + potato salads at the best Video bar on the coast, did a grab & buy at the local Bershka and took home an entire cart of groceries on the way back.. the kids at my house are a hungry mob. They can be calmed down quite easily though, that is, if you have a bag of Jamon Serrano + Brie on you.

I just got back from my month long holiday and still have loads of photos to upload from both Marbella & Sweden. My flight seemed like an eternity, but Ive had a pretty perfect last few days to say the least, and my jet lag has not yet tried to ruin my life. The only complaint I really have is that the humidity is turning my hair into a birds nest. The sheer horror is so unbearable, I will spare you the evidence. Sleeping too much probably isn't helping either but hey.. I'm still on vacation.


daisychain said...

Beautiful pictures xox

Reg Rodriguez said...

these photos are gorgeous! looking forward to your other vacation pics :)


Allie said...

If only I had the luxury to be on holiday for a month...
Great photos Dane! ♥

ediot said...

amazing photos. i really love them
and your outfit is great
hope you're having a wonderful week


ediot said...

im glad to hear that. i'd love to meet up some time
can't wait for your next post


Amelie said...

These pictures are beautiful! My mom went to Spain two years ago, and she still can't stop talking about how much she loved it there.