Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello, world!

Untitled from Sarah Meier Albano on Vimeo.

Shooting all weekend for a super special project with the two lovelies, Sarah & Erica. Somehow we got to talking about the kind of feedback we have gotten from our readers, asking for advice, sharing their stories or simply thanking us for inspiring them. We, in turn, are inspired to share the lessons we have learned and are continuing to learn. If you ever felt any self doubt, feel lost or chronically unhappy, this video is for you. :)

And for all the readers who have emailed me telling me that they are too shy to start their own blogs - do it! You never know who you might touch with your words and photographs. Express yourself!

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lasophia said...

Dane! This was such a nice thing of you ladies to do! Seasonal depression is a biatch, but nothing lasts forever. Thank you to you and your friends.


Bren said...

Great video, ladies!

Blogging on the internet is a worldwide diary. For me, it's really hard to let out most of my detailed private thoughts and whatnot out there. So I commend you ladies who do it.

Keep up the great writing, Dane!

Jane Alisa said...

Great video, I adore your blog. xoxo

Puzzler said...

this is great, very inspiring for all the ladies in the world

will be no longer updating the nomad blog. instead, a new one

Dane said...

Thank youssss, keep on inspiring! X

\@-@/ said...

true on all points.