Monday, March 14, 2011

This is a gift, it comes with a price, who is the lamb and who is the knife?

Sometimes life just takes over! This past week has been beyond busy, I have barely had time to breathe and there is a growing pile of dishes in my sink.. Help! We just wrapped up this season's KTA Boracay stop, yet another week filled with the kind of insanity only kiteboarders can provide.

✔ hosted the welcome party at the 7 Stones over amazing food, free flowing drinks and waving flags, ours or other's ;)
✔ sashayed all over Summerplace in surf wear by ION, North & Billabong after consuming a rather large amount of pizza over hair, makeup & manicures.
✔ gambled the night away via Blackjack, Texas Hold'em & crab racing.. all for a good cause - raising funds for the Philippine Team.
✔ danced shamelessly with wings on our backs and drinks in our hands while celebrating my favorite fairy child's birthday.. 
✔ cheered furiously for the winners at the awarding night - female winner of the tour (in freestyle) is Japanese Aya Oshima, and we held a minute of silence for the victims of the latest tragedy to hit her country.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this post. It was extra hard for me to find the strength to come up with any kind of post. While the photos clearly deserve some airtime, everything these days is clearly clouded by all things worrying in the world. If you have a TV and a soul, you have probably been grieving with the rest of the world over the ruthless lessons mother nature seems to be wanting to teach us. People dying all over Japan, washed away in their homes and vehicles, buried under rubble and debris, crushed under buildings and lost in the sea of all things unrooted and uprooted - its heartbreaking and humbling at the same time. We are realizing how minuscule we are compared to  the earth's furious forces, how little we know, and how little power we have as human beings. We often forget those things in our daily life, blinded by our feelings of superiority, a false sense of entitlement and pure ignorance. Its a trait we cant blame ourselves for having, we are just built that way, but if nothing else, an event like this should at least make us more aware of life as it actually is, precious, fragile and temporary. Its at times like these when I regret being so far away from my family, but it is my only regret - I live my life like every day is my last because sometimes Its so good and I'm so blessed that I think, it cant possibly go on like this forever. We should all take a good look at what we are and what we have, and be grateful for all things we have been given and allowed to experience,  and the people we are able to love and know, instead of complaining about the things we do not have and were not able to enjoy. The importance of life and love is often so overlooked and taken for granted that devastating images of people looking for their dead relatives under the rubble is sometimes the only thing that can jolt us back into reality. 

Life is like a candle's flame, swaying in the darkness. Temporary and vulnerable.

Love your families and be grateful for love.

*Most photos are mine own except for some by Alexandru Baranescu for the KTA, Joseph Boquiren for Sports Unlimited and Christine San Diego ♥


Allie said...

Life > Blog

Lady, your body is siiiick! Motivation for me to stick to ze diet and workout plan! And get me back in the water!

Wild Flower said...

This looks like amazing great fun and you are a mega babe.

The earthquakes around the world are breaking my heart, you are right when you say that life is like a candle.

Peace, light and healing out to our Japanese brothers and sisters. x

Karencilla said...

Beautiful post Dane.

KD faustino said...

you are smokin'!!!

cher a. said...

oooh la la! looks like a lot of fun! :) but you're right, it's pretty hard to rejoice or even just to feel light and carefree when you know that a lot of unfortunate things are happening around you. 'guess the least that we can do is pray..

Jane Alisa said...

You look great and the the pictures are amazing. xoxo

daisychain said...

Amazing post gorgeous lady! x

Kenna said...

This is really nice Dane, needed to hear it. You're amazing and you make people feel amazing, even just through your posts. :p

ming siew said...

so much fun! n u look so hot in bikini :)

mistytewest said...

gorgeous photos Dane...and you look absolutely hot in a bikini...i am missing summer now...


Dane said...

Blood, sweat and many many tears, ladies! <3