Friday, March 4, 2011

With the moon I run far from the carnage of the fiery sun

wearing Forever 21 skinny jeans, vintage sweater (Mom's), jacket borrowed from my little sister, H&M tube shawl, gloves & fur hat, Zara studded bucket bag & vintage boots

My last day in snowy Sweden was spent driving down to Stockholm to do some last minute shopping. As suggested, we passed by a giant (by MY standards) H&M, Weekday, Gina Tricot and Monki. Thank you, the best readers in the world for making suggestions. I didn't do too much shopping, but I bought a pair of round sunnies from Weekday and a shirt, some bras from Monki and random knickknacks from H&M and Gina.. I made up for it by raiding the supermarkets for sugary treats like Bilar, Marabou and Kex.. Sweden didn't disappoint! We also passed by Beyond Retro, which is an absolute paradise to vintage fiends - I nearly got myself lost in clouds of petticoats and piles of hats. We rode the subway back and forth too, paid to use the public toilet where each stall had a heater of its own. Sick. We visited the viewpoint by the harbor and took more photos before we decided to flee into the warmth and comfort of Laura's apartment - which is where we got trashed on wine and then decided to clumsily build snowmen that resembled our boyfriends. Lets just say they looked nothing like them, except for the clothing items we managed to style them with. Logically, because last time I checked I wasn't going out with someone who has a jalapeno nose and twigs for arms.

I will have to save all the other photos for an extra post, Sweden was lovely, thank you my Paulina for being the hostess with the mostest and showing me around - looking forward to eventually stopping by in the summer for picnics, music festivals and green country sides.

The last few weeks on the island has been nothing more than a backbreaking mix of yoga, kiteboarding and work. With the exception of the usual skyping with loved ones, a dip in the ocean or two, trips to the (depressing) supermarkets and the odd occasional visit I get at work from a variety of characters, my social life has become a thing of the past. Almost 3 weeks of no days off (by choice, I know, weirdo..) I am looking forward to the weekend - little unplanned visits are good for the heart, and the soul! Ive become so picky with the company I keep, I have literally managed to reduce my circle of trust by half. Maybe its the very real threat of growing another year older in a few weeks, or maybe I have just hit my limit with the unauthentic, and grown doubtful of people's abilities to change. Its like being on the outside, looking in. Observing the ways some compensate for their loneliness with attempts to "love" and "be loved" by as many people as possible - even if its only on a shallow level - like on a social networking site.. lost and unaware of the fact that everyone is watching, pointing, laughing..

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inkarlcerating said...

u went to sweden.. my fave dream country! i hate u no i love u! ingat
see u soon babe

Bub said...

Looks like loads of fun Dane! I love that petticoat and those sunglasses! Always looking forward to new blog posts by you

One Love,

Caroline said...

oh you should really go to Sweden in the summer, it's THE BEST!
Spring is here now, and the sun is finally shining :)
Hope my shopping tips were any good. You´ll have to give me a few too, when I visit The Philippines in december.
take care <3
xoxo Caroline

ching said...

holy cow.. stockholm is like epic! were there awesome streetstyles? and how long are you staying there?
im new to your blog and im totally following.

Jane Alisa said...

Really cute pictures, love your hat. xoxo

Pralinka said...

You're amazing. I really love your posts


Anonymous said...

WOW. Sweden! love all the shots!

Toni Perfumed Red Shoes

Angel said...

i loves the fur hat! ace!