Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is the deep and dying breath of this love that we've been working on

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 Overwhelmed with the response on the last post, I questioned if I had made the right decision in posting about it. I have gotten endless inquiries about whether or not this happened in Boracay and if I think the island has suddenly become unsafe for tourists. A meager amount of reposts from my local friends was unbearably unsettling, and I feared if I had offended anyone or jeopardized our tourism by openly speaking about my story.

The truth is, this could have happened anywhere, it doesn't matter where you are, this can happen to you too. No I do not think that the island is suddenly unsafe, but I think that sometimes, we forget how vulnerable we can be out there, on our own, as females. My experience should not be a deterrent to go on vacation, it should serve as a reminder that we also need to be aware of the dangers out there that we could possibly face. Before this incident, I knew these stories only from hearsay, the news and movies. I naively figured, I have been here 5 years, I have walked these streets for that long, and I have done it drunker than a skunk and nothing has ever happened to me. Well folks, if it wasn't for all my false confidence, I would probably be writing about something cheerier. 

I am planning my next big move, something I have considered for quite a while now. I am finally leaving my little piece of paradise. I embrace all the lessons it has taught me, and treasure the wonderful people I have met and come to love. This last month here will be emotional and dreadfully confusing, but all good things must come to an end, and in life, we must keep on keeping on. Ultimately, if I have learned nothing else, I have learned that not only can you turn dreams into reality, but also turn your reality into a dream. And with a mindset like that, there is no need for you to ever really leave the paradise you have built within you.


Kristine R. said...

Dane no really? Last month? We;re going back on May first weekend :( I cant be with Eden and group because of work.

Jane Alisa said...

Wonderful post & amazing pictures. xoxo

Olive said...

I was shaken myself reading about the horrible attack. You are so right about the fact that it could have been anywhere. I agreed that Boracay should not be feared for that because even in the big cities of the first world, this can happen.

Yes, we always have to take extra safety precuations...I mean, even driving in the highway can be just as dangerous.

I just hope you feel a little better now. The horrible memory of being mugged usually stays in our memory for life---either to haunt us or to continually teach us a lesson, turning us advocates for the most of our lives.

Feel better Dane!

Angel said...

change is good... it is always good... :) in boracay now, me and my older sisters may drop by ti braz, but does ti braz serves crepes at night? the girls might want to have a night cap of crepe desert :)

kenna said...

Bless you! ♥

Karencilla said...

Dane, as you said it could have been anywhere. I think you did the right thing to write a post about it. If we have the chance to speak and help people to open their eyes and be aware about something, we must do it.

I am relieved that you are doing okay and even though it was terrible and horrifying it didn't end worst.

You are such a strong woman and i love reading your posts.

Be strong, blessings and hugs,

Bub said...

To be honest Dane, everytime I read your blog, you are the one who allows me to think about my own life and everytime, without fail, you teach me something new. Your blog is really inspiring and sometimes when I go through rough waters, I turn to your blog posts and it definitely makes me think more about my regrets or unsettled emotions.

I really thank you for somewhat helping me with your writing. I hope that wherever you are going next, you will be safe and happy :)

Much love.
One Love,

lasophia said...

I used to live in Mexico, in a touristy spot by the beach and people still have things to say about that. I felt more safe there than I do in the U.S. It can happen to any of us, at anytime, anywhere. There is no need to be afraid of a place and i think you did a great job explaining that in your past 2 blogs. Unfortunately, some people like to live in fear. Can't wait to hear where you are going next! I will be "following" hehe.


T.A. said...

You are so pretty <3 love your blog!

A.n.E said...

You're a very strong and admirable girl! And I'm glad that you're coping.
And it is very sad and helpless when people turn a blind eye to such low crimes that people commit.