Friday, April 22, 2011

I hear footsteps in the dark when you hijack my heart

  wearing Forever 21 cut-off pocket tank, The Landmark black shorts, DIY leatherette & feather headdress, Bershka feather necklace worn as bracelet & Forever 21 tribal shoulder bag

Instead of posting the Manila photos that have been clogging up my iPhoto, I decided to fast forward and post something more festive for now.. and what could be more festive than a cowboys-&-indians-themed full moon party at Jungle Bar. Decidedly sick of my sullen mood, I found that neon feathers had a very healing effect on my poor fashion soul.. if you know me by now, you would know that any theme including Indians is a definite must-do for me. I even showed up at the last full moon party in what ended up looking like an Indian costume.. (the theme was "Outer Space" by the way - go figure..) I also destroyed a leather skirt to turn it into two pairs of loin-cloths for my girls Maffi and Nisha, who were the stunning indo gogo-dancers. Hawt! DJ Doomi didn't disappoint as per usual, and it was good to have DJ Surf back from Singapore. My only complaint (BIG complaint) was that the drinks are way overpriced! 250 pesos for a Jack Coke, I thought I was dreaming!

Meanwhile the island has turned into a sea of people, a buzzing flurry of drinking, eating, laughing, shouting human beings.. If I could have it my way, I would be hiding at my house, headphones on, watching a french film and sipping chocolate milk. The upside is, I get to catch up with friends I haven't seen.. and by catch up, I mean, sip lots of cocktails and dance to amazing DJ's. Tomorrow Nina Sky is performing, and I will be in the front row, drink in one hand, camera in another, feathers in my hair and a temporary high in my heart. Yay me!


Abi said...

saw you awhile ago at che's exhibit! :) I like your top there. :)

daisychain said...

yay you! xo

being miss east said...

i loveee you bag and the neon feathers in your hair ^^

cher a. said...

looks really festive! you look so cute with those face paint. :)

Allie said...

where are the cowboys??? ;)

betz said...

pocahontas has nothing on you! :)

Empire State of Heart

Wild Flower said...

This looks like a really mad fun night out!! You look amazing in this look.
Hey I was reading a few posts back about what happened to you. I am so sorry to hear about this. I have been attacked too...a couple of times. I think its a really strong message you put out there and I am so glad you did. It really fukn sux that this happens, anywhere...especially so close to your home!!? I hope for healing for you and a feeling of safety. Are you still moving away?
Hugs x

Vannchachay said...

I love how you incorporated your total outfit with color blocking - summer's trend, your headdress! :)