Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wait for the summer.. we'll sleep when we wanna..

 A quick post about sunsets, Eden, hats, shoes, tequila, temporary tattoos, giant headphones and twin cameras! LEE rocked Boracay all over again, in neon, loud and happy. My good friend Earl forcefed me too much of the Cuervo (bad, Jose!) and eventually I bumped into him on the beach where I was mobbed and slapped with a tattoo of a rather voluptuous female in a slinky red number (rawrr!), topped off with a LEE baseball cap (yay!) and sent on my way with a promise to check out the BigFish event on Black Saturday. Eden just arrived from a what sounded like a bit of a torturous trip to the island, so we did touristy things like take sunset photos and squeezed our way through the crowds before I decided I had enough and went back to work - not the best idea, if you are trying to "hide" from the crowds!

Now its weekend #2 and I am all over the place, trying to resume my yoga practice in between work, packing, sleeping, drinking, lots and lots of eating and a fitting and rehearsal for this weekend's ETC fashionshow. Help!
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Bren said...

Lovely beach photos, Dane! I love Boracay hopefully we'll return when there's no typhoon. lol :)

L0veLindsey said...

This looks like such a fun time! That beach is gorgeous!!

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