Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Every night I wonder who do you dance for?

My eyelids are falling as I type this. The last few weeks have been a continuous hustle.. and on top of packing 5 1/2 years into boxes, garage sale-ing and considering logistics, I still have work to worry about. It seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere to be found and sometimes, amidst regrets of leaving my island life behind and the wishing I was as far away as possible, I find myself schizophrenically jumping for joy and wanting to bawl my eyes out. The exhaustion is getting to me. My mental capacity can only wrap itself around all things work and socializing at work. I am like a dead battery. 
I would write more sense if I only I was capable. The move is both exciting and terrifying. Some days I wake up asking myself if I am making a mistake. Other days I wonder, why I am still here. The only way I am coping is by shutting my eyes and just braving it all. But I am sure when I get to the city, someone is going to have to hold a box of tissue near me at all times. For I fear I shall some day drown in my own self.

These photos are proof that my summer has been mostly work and not much play. I'm not sure I even had a hangover! I did the ETC show with Nisha and Paula and then both Solara shows.. I'm in love with their swimwear. Go get yours now! Also, doesn't Marc Nelson look hot as a chick? The Boracay Bound show was sponsored by Republic, and although we were the last team to fit, we still managed to plow over the other teams. Go Team Seair!

Now for some rest. I shall soon find that light at the end of my little island tunnel. So soon!
Love and light your way! ✮


Angel said...

i loves the white meticulous looking swimsuit!!!! looks stunnin on you. -A

lasophia said...

Better to be busy than bored and depressed! Keep going Dane! Your blog is my fave! I can honestly say that. your style, your photos.


Raspberry & Rouge said...

Like! You look amazing!! Have a great day! XO Raspberry & Rouge

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KD faustino said...

ang sexy sexy naman ng batang to! ;)

Cher A. said...

Change is really a terrifying thing, just keep your gorgeous head up and trust that everything will fall in the right place at the right time. :) GREAT photos by the way!

Mette said...

LOVELY pictures ;)